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Anyone else had weird sharp pains on one side at 5w?

Having a little panic. That I have early signs of ectopic pregnancy. I'm only 5w along and I'm knocking on a bit at 42. My implantation bleeding was incredibly early - about 4 or 5 days after ovulation. I've had the normal cramping but I'm also getting intermittent sharp pains, always on the left. My lower abdomen is slightly tender on that side and it even looks a bit lopsided.

Not having bloods for another week but I'm driving myself a teensy bit mental.

Anyone had something similar?

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are u getting any shoulder tip pain? that can be another symptom of ectopic..have u spoken to anyone about it? . I had pain with all of mine but bleeding with 2... u should always get pain or bleeding checked out..see ur g.p he/she should send u for a scan at ur early pregnancy unit x


also u can have a cyst form on the ovary u released an eh from and that can cause pain, ity should disappear by 12 weeks but u should just get it all checked an early scan will be the best option x


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