excruciating stomach pain

haven't felt too great today and started having stomach ache..got upstairs to lay on my bed and they were severe, felt like I was in Labour ran to the toilet and was back and forth about 8 times in 20 minutes... pain did subside for 20 mins but back on the toilet again and def got the trots...but what I'm worried about is will the pain affect the baby?? it's all in my lower abdomen

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  • If you believe the pain was a Lil too much then i would advise you contact your G.P tommrow morning or if your over 16wks pregnant you can contact your nearest maternity unit.

    Only you can ultimatly explain how bad the pain was but if you're worried i would do this ASAP.


  • How far along are you? Maybe it is your body preparing for labour in the coming weeks or you have a stomach bug? I'm sure it won't affect the baby, but maybe you should call triage if it continues, because you may become dehydrated and dehydration can cause contractions/ Braxton hicks. Try to take lots of water/ some rehydration salts if you have any (or you can make your own with sugar, salt and water- food.com/recipe/oral-rehydr...

    Hope you feel better!

  • the pain has stopped but it was pretty worrying felt like contractions and was constant for about 20 mins...i haven't had an upset stomach for about 10 years maybe more...i suffer with bad constipation so this was a bit of a shock! and because it was all lower abdomen it did worry me, will give g.p call in morn, thanks just hope little bubba is ok x

  • It could be 'over flow' diarrhoea if you are really blocked up. Definitely go see your GP tomorrow xx

  • try and make sure you drink plenty to stop any contractions, I know someone who thought they were in labour because they had norovirus and the dehydration from that made their contractions so strong! She ended up going in and being monitored but wasn't in labour, although she was 40 weeks!

  • sipping Orange squash..I'm only 10 weeks, I usually have an iron stomach, never had this in any of my pregnancies but thanks for ur advice, hopefully it will settle that was not pleasant! the pain only comes now when I need the toilet and stops straight away where it didn't stop last time so although I still keep going the pain is not as bad, that's what frightened me the most!! x

  • I had this happen only the other day, I'm 28 weeks, it turned out to be my iron tablets causing constipation, in turn it irritated my uterus giving me mini contractions till I was able to empty my bowels completely. Now cut the tablets down

  • I don't know what it was but it wasn't pleasant...feel okish this morning no stomach pains that's for sure! let's see what today brings :-)

  • dr said the pains wouldn't affect the baby..that's all I needed to hear :-)

  • Iv had diarrhoea for the last 6-8 weeks, before that I was constipated and no matter what I eat my poo doesn't change, it's very watery and smelly but the doctor said its hormones, and iv also been experiencing excruciating pains in my abdomen and when I visited the maternity triage they told me it was muscular pains as my body was just allowing for more growth I know have to take painkillers everyday to deal with the pain but I'm still convincing myself there's something more, but they did all necessary tests x

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