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Soreness in breasts suddenly stopped at 5.5 wks a bit concerned

I'm almost 6 weeks (actual not since my period) with my first. Up to now my breasts have been so sore that just gently pressing the sides with my fingers would make me flinch. Last week I'd also started to feel a lack of motivation. On Monday my boobs were no longer sore at all and I feel normal and spritely. A very slight soreness has come back to my boobs now, is this a good sign or should I still be worried? Two of my friends suddenly stopped getting symptoms at 7 weeks (including sore breasts) and it turned out they both had a missed miscarriage. Thoughts very much appreciated!

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I wouldnt neccessarly say the loss of symptoms is a sign of miscarrige. "even though my thoughts go to your friends who suffered from that terrible accident" every pregnancy & every woman deal with pregnancy symptoms in different ways.

As long as you dont get any unusual pains in your stomach or anything i think your body is just dealing with everything a Lil' better.



At nine weeks in my first pregnancy this happened to me, my boobs were so painful, then they fet normal, unfortunately I had. Missed misscarriage, the baby used at 7:5 weeks.

This time around I'm 28.1 weeks pregnant, my boobs were so sore untill around ten weeks, of course I panicked, but everything was fine.

My pregnancy symptoms come and go, different from one day to the next :)


Thanks for your thoughts ladies. Sky blue yes that's exactly what happened to my friends which is why I'm a little worried. Did you wait until your 12 week scan to find out? Glad you're carrying well this time. X


No a few days later I had a drop of blood so had a early scan and found out there.

I hope you will be ok, get a scan if you can xx


Thanks, so do I! I don't think they scan you unless you're bleeding or in pain. The foetus can sit there for many weeks without anything happening. My friends had to pay for a private scan because the midwife just told them they would be fine even though they knew things weren't right. Luckily there's a private clinic right next to my GPs if it comes down to it. Think I'll speak to someone about it & monitor things over next 2 weeks. Xx


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