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Has anyone had experience of ECV, where they turn a breech baby?

For a few weeks, it seems, my baby has been breech, but now I am 37 weeks and she still breech (as in only 3% of babies at this time!!) it is time to try and turn her. I saw an ECV on the TV a few weeks ago and was quite freaked out by it, it didn't occur that it might happen to me :( I am booked in for one tomorrow and feel really anxious about it. At first my husband and I had decided to just opt for an elective section, quite a difference to my original plan of a home birth (seems so long ago now!) but after talking to the consultant we thought we would try this first. Apparently it only works in 40%-50% of breech babies....but maybe it is better than just having a section and the risks which come with that?

I feel really upset about the whole thing, to be honest. Didn't think I would feel like this, but just feel like everything is out of my control and it's scary. I'm worried it will be agony, that it won't work...had such a long wait in the hospital today too, for two hours and despite working in one, I hate hospitals! My husband is such an impatient man too, it makes it even harder. Even if it does work, I am now scared about the whole birthing experience. And I feel silly for feeling like that! On top of that I am so so itchy and it is driving me mad!

URGH rant over!!!

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