First midwife appointment-check!

Excited to have just had my first midwife appointment, and it's a bonus that she's lovely. I had been so concerned as I've been having a beige discharge for the last three days so she has booked me in for an early scan tomorrow. As I'm 8 weeks tomorrow will be hoping to see the heartbeat which might help make everything seem more "real". Roll on tomorrow.....

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  • ah that's great makes all the difference when they are lovely! and good that she booked u in fort a scan hope all goes well xx

  • Oh i'm so excited for you... It's very magical! Please don't forget to update us, we're all nosey sods... :) xxx

  • I will, so excited! I've only told my family, and I'm the first of my friends so its really nice to have a support network such as this to share it with!

  • At eight weeks you should see. Lovely flickering heartbeat and a little baby blob lol

    Good luck xx

  • Thats good news .. I went for my 1st midwife appointment last monday and she sent me for a early scan as I didnt know how r I was with ne not havin regular periods prior to my pcos.. she sent me for scan the day after and I was only 5 weeks 5 days and I could see the little fluttering heart beat I too hav beige ish coloured discharge there is nothing to worry about with that every pregnancy is different I hope everything goes well for u good luck take care :) x

  • Duppy you well make me chuckle! But she's right, we are a right bunch of nosey sods & rightly so, if we weren't then none of our questions & concerns would get answered. All of my thoughts have been answered on here one way or t'other!

    Congratulations. Amazing that you get your scan so quickly, i'm a tad jealous if i'm honest!

    This is my 1st pregnancy, i'm a bit older & as yet I've had nothing other than the 'positive' test to confirm i'm even bloody pregnant! I have my scan on 17th & can't wait, then i'll actually believe i'm growing a little person in there :)

  • Scan was amazing! Im on cloud nine with my own little pic to keep! After a long and nervous wait, the nurse found the baby almost immediately and the little heartbeat was so clear, such a magical experience!! Its crazy that this little thing is inside me, ahh!

  • AWW Congrats :) what an amazing experience and you have many more to come :) Enjoy every minute, rest and take care xxx

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