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Odd feeling on my lower left side - has anyone else experienced this?

Hi there - im 11 weeks pregnant and im experiencing some very odd feelings on my left lower abdomen. Its very hard to explain but it is not painful, slightly bruised to touch and it seems like flicking from the inside . i know it is not eptopic as i had an early scan at 8 weeks and everything was fine.. having to wait till next friday for 12 week scan! im really nervous :-(

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You said the area of this feeling feels slightly bruised to the touch. I would personally see if you can get an appointment to see your G.P or Local midwife just to make sure everything is still okay.



could just be stretching and pulling, i had a stage when i sneezed or coughed my womb went into spasm! it was so painful...but any concerns should always be voiced to either g.p or midwife xx


Sounds like round ligament pain, I'm now 28 weeks and its got worse, the bigger I get :/

But get checked if your really worried, but as long as u have no bleeding you should be ok.:)


Yeah sounds like ligaments stretching, mine did it then they went quiet and more stretching last few days, feels like being pinched inside and catches you off guard but all normal X


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