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Furious with my Hospital!

Ok ladies I need to rant, vent and seek advice from you all!

This morning I drove to work at 6:45am. By 7:10am I was in agony in my left hand side, similar to stitch but a larger area and pain 10 x worse! For info, the last scan I had showed a 10cm cyst on my "RIGHT" ovary. So my boss called am ambulance as by 8:00am the pain hadn't subsided and I could barely walk. The ambulance service didn't arrive as they 'forgot about me'.... Seriously you can't make this stuff up!

So when my boss called them to chase, I'd started to feel a little better and the pain subsided. The ambulance service told me to go to my GP ASAP, which I did. GP saw me and was very concerned after examining my stomach and realising that I'm severely tender. At this point, it feels like my insides have been in a fight....

So GP sends me to A&E with a letter and clear instructions for the gyne/Dr at the hospital. When I get there I'm sent from A&E to EPU. This I expected as much. After waiting over half an hour in pain, I get to see this male Nigerian Gynecologist, who had such a strong accent I couldn't understand him! He didn't even know why i was there, and obviously didn't read my notes before I walked in. without even examining me, taking blood, or asking me any questions, he told me to go home and take paracetamol for the 'excruciating' pain.... WTF!

He then started talking about my "right" ovarian cyst which he read on my notes as he'd clearly finished talking about my left side. Then he proceeded to tell me I need to make a decision as to whether I have an operation to remove the right cyst which could mean i miscarry! Then he asked "How important is this pregnancy"....!!!!!!! Honestly, am I awake hearing this! Who is this man?!

Not at any point did he examine me, offer me a scan or ask if I was ok.....

I then told him to hold up, why are you talking about my right side, it's my left side thats in agony and why i am here... "I want a scan to see what the fcuk is going on, on my LEFT side".... So he says "Oh well we can't just get you a scan, we'll have to book one for in the week... In the week he tells me??!!! This is A&E!! EMERGENCY!!! I'm in agony here and not knowing whether my unborn child of 8 weeks is alive or whether my insides are ok!

So I demanded to see another Gynecologist, as this guy clearly had no idea or care about me, my baby or the appointment! She then came in, and told me she's booked me a scan for the next day but couldn't tell me the time, and someone would call me tomorrow to let me know... What?! So on my way out, i swang by the Scans department, and NO appointment had been booked for me at all.... I literally broke down in tears! THe sonographer was passing and said he'd fit me in no problen, as he had spaces ALL AFTERNOON!!! I am livid by this point, being pushed from pillar to post...

So, during the scan, the sonographer tells me there is no cyst on my right ovary, however there is a very large 10cm cyst on my LEFT... Hoooray, so obviously this was what the pain had been! However, the person who did my previous scan two weeks ago at EPU had got my notes wrong! After the scan the guy gave me the report and i am reluctant to go back to that darn EPU....

Who else can i talk to about my options?! What are my options?!

I can't contnue with this pain, also what damage is the ovary doing?!

If i have the operation, what is the likelyhood ill miscarry? Do i need the operation or will it go on it's own?!

Anyone else experienced something similar?

ARGH!!!! Sorry for ranting!

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omg that is terrible u.must ring ur midwife and get seen by ur consultant, that is so bad!!! and make sure u complain to pals! they won't make anymore mistakes believe me!! u clearly can't leave it to them how worrying and that's where it having ur baby!! u should be kept in! bless you bet ur angry and upset xxx


Oh darlin' Im so sorry you've had to go through this today. I 100% understand your anger & upset but this is now the state of our glourious NHS.

You may remember we had a brief conversation yesterday about the wait for scans & booking private scans. as much as i would love to book a private scan i have no choice as to wait for the appointment the hospital have gave me because i simply cant afford to get it privately.

Reading this story though does REALLY annoy me because of the fact that we now have thousands "maybe millions" of people who are unemployed & willing to work & to offer the best service they can (according to their position) & we have to put up with lazy, worthless and abnoxious people who cant even be bothered to read the medical notes given to them about the needs & requirements of the patient.

Im not 100% sure about this option but to file a complaint against the hospital "or at least some of the staff" you will need to file a formal letter addressed to the director of NHS to the Head office in London "google this for more details"

Did u get to hear the baby's heart beat in the end "at least".

if so i hope that has given you some encouragement & a Lil more faith to stay strong.

All the best



OMG!!!i think i'd murder someone there if it was sorry you had to through all this crap.if that makes you feel any better i had a cysts before i got pregnant.firstly on one overy but in 3months from diagnosis they found more on another gp prescribed me mini pill which my surgeon said was a cause of the cysts to grow.anyway he's done a laparoscopy and drained the cysts.that was a massive relief!!!finally i was free of pain!!!then when i was 7weeks pregnant(i'm 20now) they had to do laparoscopy again cos they thought it was cornual ectopic (it wasnt).but i'm sure you read about my problems before.anyway my point is you probably think that anaesthetic is dangerous when you pregnant.i was scared as well.but when you pregnant they are very careful with puting camera in and other doesnt take long to do it.all i had was 2little scars that healed very quick.i wont lie it didnt hurt after but i survived without any painkillers as it was pointless to take paracetamol.i'm sure they'd do the same way.have a read on the internet about laparoscopy during pregnancy.i can just imagine the pain you going through and if they could take it away it would be you know whats sort of cyst you've got?mine was with fluid.when you've got your consultant he'll go through all the risks and benefits with you.i know sounds scary but hopefully you get some proper care and professionals.i'd complain about everything you've been through.hopefully you can get some good advice and care and things will

good for you &little one.keep us updated and stay positive hun xx


Thank you, Ladies. That is really lovely to hear your support. It has certainly been an awfully stressful day and i am just so tired and emotional...

I will look up the laparoscopy for sure, as this sounds like an option, and not one that anyone had mentioned to me before. I'm hoping i get a midwife and consultant soon, as i'm 8.5 weeks, even though i would of thought i'd have my appointment booked in by now at least. Just fee like everything is such hardwork. Hopefully i can discuss all options then... Until then, i hope i don't get another day like today!

You're right, Abeena, we have some lazy worthless ar$eholes in this world who don't deserve the title... All the feeling is being taken out of medical practition these days, and it's like a conveyor belt of patients! :0/ I had to miss my private appointment today due to be in A&E, but they were nice enough to rescedule for next week. At £99 i should think so too!

And yes, i was very pleased that i got to see my little beans healthy heartbeat! :) Sonographer says i am measuring 21.0mm and gestation of 8 weeks 5 days!


oh! God ! that was a terrible day for you. I had a similar teary experience with NHS lately (thankfully that had nothing to do with the baby, but just me, else I would have been even more stressed out)

surely, report the way it happened to your GP or some place where you can drop a complaint, even if that means you writing an email without expecting a reply back.

Probably you might have already googled it, but just thought of sharing these two links

it seems that the nature of cyst would guide what measures/precaution you can take. But surely you would need some extra care and attention than normal (low-risk) pregnancies. And to make sure you get that, its really important that you raise a complaint about what you went through today.



Just wanted to say the way you have been treated is disgusting and needs to be reported.

So pleased baby is fine :)

I had a cyst on my left ovary it disappeared after 12 weeks, I was told they were common and often resolved on their own!

I hope it does for you.

Good luck, keep your chin up xxx


Wow! This is what happens when the Nhs is slowly privatized I suppose! How awful for you :-( well done for standing up for yourself, can't have been easy. Hope everything is ok x


You can complain online about your experience, which you really should if you have any energ left! :


Duppy i'm sending you one serious bear hug from me & believe me it's a goodun!

That, my friend, SUCKS! Patient care is paramount especially for pregnant women. You hear all the time horror stories about people being ignored & not taken seriously, then the implications of what happens after.

I'm so sorry you had to go through this today. You really must get onto your midwife immediately & explain the whole story to her. Make her understand that this is absolutely not acceptable & infact you may want to see your GP as they referred you to A&E in the first place this morning! The fact that a professional was concerned enough about the pain to send you to A&E says it all, THEY HAVE GRAVE CONCERNS FOR YOUR WELFARE! Jesus, i'm gonna go on a rant now! *breathe......................and relax*

Please make sure you contact your GP & midwife & tell them of this incident & ask for a follow up with a consultant that can properly explain your choices here. It may be that you're just offered regular scans to keep an eye on the cyst & then remove after baby? Not that i'm an expert , but so long as it's not growing, yes it'll cause you pain, but perhaps no damage in the meantime if that makes sense?

Best of luck honey & keep us posted ok xxx


Hi, I think it is disgusting how you have been treat and you should defo make a complaint to the hospital department and Pals.

You can chose which hospital you go to if you are reluctant to go back there (which I would be) you can chose another hospital (CHECK OUT NHS CHOICES for more information).

Regarding the cyst, I was in a similar situation with my first pregnancy at 15weeks I had a cyst on my left ovary, had a scan to measure the size of it and it was around 8cm I can almost feel the pain you are in it is unbearable and nothing will subside it I was on gas and air and at a later stage morphine which helped very slightly this was whilst I was in hospital. Anyway I ended up needing surgery as the cyst had ruptured and the pain was then excruciating and a ruptured cyst is dangerous as it can poison your blood stream. I was in surgery everything went fine they cleaned me out, stitched up (key hole's) and within 3 days I was back home, baby was fine and shes now 4 years old. There is a slight risk to the baby but in this day in age there shouldn't be any problems.

My medical care was great and could not be faulted in anyway, not sure where you are from but I went to University Hospital of North Durham and later on I had my daughter via Section at the same hospital.

Dont suffer in pain go to another hospital take your scan notes and doctors letter if you still have it with you and hopefully you will get better care.

Good Luck - I will be happy to stay in touch with you if you like, will help anyone in anyway I can when it comes to similar experiences to mine.



Thanks for you responses.... When I got home I finally received the letter inviting me to my first midwife appointment, even if not till 17th!

So I haven't complained yet but i will do, I've not had it in me. I'm still so tender and exhausted! I'm going to see how I cope this weekend, and if not right maybe try EPU again. I can clearly feel the cyst since my episode this week. Something is definitely different! :0/


That's bad considering you have got a cyst! What about your dating scan too? You need to chase that up...hopefully you will see your consultant sooner rather than later! make sure you get the dating scan sorted sounds like they are very slack there! The 17th that's makes you 12 weeks? Supposed to have your booking app around 8 weeks! Make sure you complain to pals at the hosp ring the switchboard and they will put you through...I complained about my 3rd was horrendous and the midwife was crap to put it bluntly!!!! I was treated like gold really does make a difference and it sounds like you need to be properly looked after!!! Not swept under the carpet!


Hi had a similar experience with my first hospital choice. I spoke to my midwife and she referred me to a specialist. You really need to get a named consultant(amazing how this opens doors at hospitals) i ended up getting much better care from my consultant.


all i will say is that my hospital have been similarly crap, i mean truly awful at times,

the only thing that eventually got through to them and made them listen is keep at it, moan, create, keep going on at people to sort things out, talk to your GP, midwife, early pregnancy unit and someone should be able to kick arse on your behalf :)


Well, to give you all an update: my GP are furious, both Drs have written complaint letters, and are taking it further. In the mean time they're seeing me today, going to push me to top of que for midwife, hospital appointment and get something done.

The bloody cyst has grown in size too, do this is worrying! Now approve 11cm and I'm running out of space in there!


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