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Coffee carvings


I am not really a coffee person. When I drink a coffee it tastes more like chocolate milk to my husband than coffee, the frothy milky latte stuff ! or a cold again milky creamy coffee.

I had none in the past week, but I already had two cups today, and I am carving for me (now I know I should not be taking more than a cup). But this is like serious carving, I hope it goes away tomorrow. I tried having milk-tea - but I want the coffee - that bitter sweet flavor and that aromatic smell.

But does anyone had carved for coffee ? and if anyone can suggest something else I can take.

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Decaf! I was sceptical, but Clipper Decaf is surprisingly acceptable!

Exactly go for decaf option and try and find a coffee type biscuit that might help:)

I'm craving fruity cider, lol so gonna have to wait till baby is here, would never drink whilst pregnant :)

Ah! thanks ladies - I am headed to the store now :)

Me too! Really missing my coffee hit every day. I've moved to decaf too but also found that Carte D'or do a caffee latte flavour ice cream which is heaven! I've only found it in the very large Sainsburys near me but it's worth the trip! My only problem is trying not to eat the whole tub in one go ;-)

Hope you find something to satisfy you :-)


Oh i understand the caffine craving. I've never been a big fan of coffee but i've recently been craving Coca-cola.

The worst thing is i used to HATE Coca-cola with avengence.


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