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Please Need Help (Combined Scan)

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Hello, I wonder now I am 11 weeks 4 days according to my LMP. However, I ovulated late this month and it differs 2 weeks. Depending on my ovulation I am 9 weeks 3 days. Next weeks I will have dating scan and combined. Down syndrome test I think can be done 11-14 weeks. So what can happens if I am for example 9 weeks depending on the scan? Will they arrange another scan for combined one?

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Is there any medical reasons as to why you are having a combined scan or is it just something you've requested.

At the moment i think the NHS will be a Lil reluctant to perform a combined scan due to the lack of staff & circumstances.


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Most have the combined test at 12 weeks...

No special reason only I request. I got my date 10th April so I will be 10 weeks 3 days I think but maybe the baby can be more bigger or smaller. I know the exact ovulation, however is there any chance to have bigger week than I calculated??

If the scan shows you are earlier than thought, they will rescan you at around 12 weeks x

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Your bloods will be taken when you go for your true 12 week scan too x

As far as I know the scan should only be done from 12 weeks due to the size if the baby, they will be measuring the bone of the nose and head measurements, so 10 weeks will be very early. Please get this checked as I'm sure 12 weeks is the correct scanning time.

Thanks all the replies. So I will be happy if they arrange another I hope so..

Do you mean 12 weeks ( 11+0 to 11+6) ???

12 weeks Hun x

I would say probably the best is to wait and see. They would scan you first and in case the size of the baby considerably differ from what you think it should be, bring that to the notice of the mid-wife and discuss your position w.r.t ovulation. They might require to scan you again over a week or two to see the baby development and confirm your estimated due date.

In case the baby is conceived earlier and is therefore smaller than expected, they would give you another scan date and also would shift your date for testing down syndrome if that cant be done on your first scan.

In my area both your dating scan and down syndrome scan is done together normally. And its also an option if you want to check for down syndrome or not (i opted out for it).

And about conception - that is always tricky especially if you had an irregular menstrual cycle. I would say that my conception was between 22nd to 24th of October, but my midwife is of the opinion that it was 27th or 28th October (though its only a 4 days difference, yet its different)

Dating scan and down syndrome will be together. I wonder in UK system since they only offer 2 scans how can they offer another scan for me :) ? we will see what happens..

They will scan you as often as they need to. I've had 5 so far (24 weeks this week)

1) dating scan at 8 weeks as stupid GP tried to convince me I was 4 weeks further along than I was

2) 12 week scan and bloods

3) ultrasound KUB at about 16 weeks - cheating, but the consultant radiologist showed me Flump too and printed me a couple if pictures :-)

4) 20 week anomaly scan

5) foetal well being scan last Friday morning, as a patient punched me in the stomach quite hard in the early hours of Friday morning (not his fault - in the middle if having a heart attack and very confused and agitated)

I have a placental flow Doppler scan booked in for Monday (I have chronic renal disease, so a check to make sure my placenta is working well enough) and will get to see Flump again :-)

they go by the day of ur first period so if u are 11 weeks 4 days that's fine.. I went for an early scan at 6 weeks and it matched to my day from my first period not from when I ovulated..andoff it did show u are under the right date they would re scan anyway xx

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That is true. However, I ovulated late such as 29 th day of my period. So this can not match I think..

oh that is very late, don't worry they will rescan if too early, let us know how u get on xx

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I will:)

Hello everyone I hope you see this message. My scan was OK I saw my tiny baby and the heartbeat. It was as I said 11+2 so they arrange another scan for next week.. Everything was Ok.. Thanks everyone for replies

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