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Serious pregnancy symtoms bt very faint result up 5 weeks nw

Been doin home test since february d first test came out positive tho a line was thinner dan d oda...did anoda it came out faint n dis has continued since den,i do hv seriuos pregnacy symtoms like last wk was really hard on me bt a bit beta since two days nw tho hv got an appt today want request for a blood test n u knw how d procedures r really worried n curious really wish am preg more desperate abt it...will be disapointed if its negative.n i do hv dis rumbling or do i call it bubblin in my abdomen coupled wit pains even d darker part around my nipples has been itchy n gettin darker even dry at d moment n itchy.....can anyone pls ease my worrie? Thanks in advance

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Hi when I 1 st found out I was pregnany my test came up one line strong and the other line was so faint I had to stare at it for ages to be able to tell it was there... 2 days later I did another one and it came up still faint but a little bit more noticable.. now 3 weeks later the tests r so strong the lines appear as I am weeing on the stick an I am now 7 weeks.. its do with how far u r and the level in ur hormones the test detects.. I still have mild cramping period pains it just everything stretching into place all I have done is worry for weeks ur not alone go to ur appointment and they will do ur bloods and giv u a positive yes ask for an emergency scan to put ur mind at rest good luck hope everything goes ok for you :)


Same here my first test was faint and my second a few days later was much stronger:) I'm now 28 weeks 1 day pregnant.

My boobs were so painful till 11 weeks.

Get one blood tests done thy can check to make sure your hcg levels are rising correctly.

Good luck


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