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Spoilt girl

So today ive been lazy like i havent moved out the house and the babys dad surprised me and came to my house and woke me up with 4 bags full of presents for thursday and a card and then handed me over 200 quid and said have a good night tomorrow... What the hells going on here haha in such a happy mood now getting cuddles and he keep holing my tummy and kissing it its the cutest thing ever!!!!

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Awwrrrh! Well Gel, its nice when your other half appriciates how we're feeling.

I've also just had a lazy day today (just couldn't be bothered) even though the weather looked decent today in Birmingham.

Just waiting for my other half to get in from work now. Something tells me he wont have 4 bags of presents though! LOL.



Hehe! I know its nothing to do with pregnancy but he's such a brilliant man and were not even going out or that although fingers crossed it'll happen! Yeah same I just wanted sleep haha busy day tomorrow with working from 8am to 5pm then an hour to get ready for the meal & pub haha:) aww nice and haha I'm sure hell treat u though! Xx


Can u giv us any tips on where to find a man like that ??? Lol :)) thats lovely xx


Haha i didnt intend finding a man like him but fingers crossed we end up together cause hes amazing and it would be brilliant if we could be a family<3 xx


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