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Private Early Scan :)

Ladies, I'm thinking of booking a private early scan and was wondering if you know the best place to go and what is general costs? I'm only 8 weeks, but it seems like the next 4/5 weeks are going to go soooo slowly and i'm just very excited! I'd like to know how far gone i am and the EDD. Right now, i'm just guessing!

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I dont, but i'm going to have a good internet search very soon, as im in the same dilemma right now.

just over 4wks to wait for my scan but feels more like 4mths.


I'll let you know what i come up with

WOW! , just done a Lil research about private early/ dating sonography scans in Birmingham & the cheapest price i noticed was £99.0.

Personally i think thats very steep. £99.0 could buy alot of things for myself & family & i just couldn't consider spending that sort of money on a scan.

Seems like I'll be waiting another 4wks for my hospital appointment.

It could possibly make a difference according to the area you live in.

Hi Abenaa, yeah i had a look too, but i was naughty and i just couldn;t resist, so i booked one for tomorrow afternoon... £99 was the cheapest i could find!

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O.k Good luck & let us know what your experience is. I must admit it is something i would like to try but i also like a bargain price.


Be careful. Early scans can cause more distress than they solve! Sometimes they are just plain wrong. I remember a patient I admitted when I was an A&E SHO - ectopic with rupture and massive blood loss at 9 weeks (got her to theatre within 45 minutes of arriving in resus). Transpired had a private scan at just past 7.5 weeks which showed viable intrauterine pregnancy - plain impossible. Scans are great for peace of mind, but aren't always normal and are technically difficult early on. Just be mindful of that and if you can take the rough with the smooth look for a clinic that also undertakes NHS work, as the rise in 'cosmetic/scan for profit' ultrasound centres is becoming worryingly common (these are the places that seem to 'only' do early scans and 4D scans).


I use a company called ultra baby £75 per scan

Hi Duppy, I was so paranoid when I 1st found out I was pregnant that something was wrong (as I had a mc in Dec so my mind was running wild) that I booked myself in for a private scan. It was £95, I thought it was expensive but after the scan it was definitely money well spent for peace of mind and stared at the screen for ages watching the bean wriggling around.

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