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Advice on Ovulation Tracking!!


Hi, I've been trying to get pregnant for what feels like forever now but with no luck. I have very irregular periods. I have tried ovulation kits but to no luck, I've been to see the doctor because I had syptoms of polysistic ovary snydrome but got the all clear. I have 2 other children and had no problem getting pregnant with them. The doctor said to track my periods, take my basal body temp daily and look for other bodily changes to see if I can recognise when I'm ovulating but its so hard to do all that when you have 2 kids, trying to work and running a household. Just feel really down and it doesnt help that my partner isn't that bothered he thinks I'm turning into some kind of bunny boiler!!!

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Sometimes the anxiety & stress you could be putting your body through just thinking about getting pregnant again could be the reason why it's not happening.

you mentioned you have 2 children already in which you had no problems concieving, maybe this is also your body's way of telling you its O.K. How many years is your youngest child?

I dont want to judge you or anything but is there a more of an emotional reason as to wanting a baby or do you just think having a new baby will be better for your family.

Hi Abenaa my youngest is 2, I h ave 2 boys and always wanted more and would love a girl. My partner is supportive but I think I've got too obsessive about it, and your right anxiety and stress dont help. But its so hard when everyone tells you to chill out and it will happen in its own time, I jsut feel like my body is like a ticking clock :(

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I understand your emotion a Lil better now. I have 1 son the age of 4 yrs & i must admit that im hoping to be carrying a girl with this pregnancy because when my son was born i emotionally found it a Lil difficult to bond with him "within the 1st 3mths of his life" I visited & discussed my problems with my G.P at the time & he gave me absolutely nothing. My husband was great at the time this was happening but it dosent stop me from thinking i could have done better if i gave birth to a daughter.

My son right now though dosent let me go & we now have a brilliant mother / son relationship.

I guess it will happen in time "when u least expect it" but in the meantime just keep working & look after your family the best way you can.

xx All the best.


if u have irregular periods it can be hard to know when it ovulating, I did but then they were regular for a couple of months and I fell, u need to ask them to check your hormones...they check your progesterone levels I think u have one done roughly in the middle of your cycle and one day of your period or day after...that will check if u Are then at least u know u are....the dr can prescribe progesterone tablets which can help regulate u...if u don't get much joy from ur g.p see another one in your practice, taking your temp it's hard...noticing when your discharge changes is a good goes a bit like egg white, but still it is hard, try just having intercourse every other day, to increase your chances but def see your g.p again x

I have pcos and only a couple of periods in the last few years!

Did you have a scan on your ovaries? If not push for one, just coz blood tests give the all Clear you can still have cycst on your ovaries, just like me:(

A couple of things for you to try which helped me- please research these yourself and make your own decision, but I did all of the following and I'm now pregnant 28 weeks after a Long struggle, which if I had done these things before might not ave been so long.

High dose of evening primrose oil per day

Partner needs high dose of selenium and zinc

High dose of B12

Baby asprin daily

If you are overweight, loose this ASAP

No smoking

Limit alcohol for both of you

Discuss with doctor about going on metformin this helps regulate insulin and in turn improves and regulates periods.

Low carb and sugar diet

Try using pre seed, this insures the vaginal environment is sperm friendly

Lots of sex!

Learn the different sings of ovulation, such as the change of cervical mucus throughout your cycle and body basal temp.

I hope this helps x

Thanks everyone for your advice it really helps hearing advice from people that have been through the same thing. Yes Skyblueboston I did have a scan on my ovaries and got the all clear, and thanks for all those tips I'm going to try them :) good luck with your pregnancies xx

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