Bad day:(

Had such a bad day today! Been sleeping most of the day was at work for 4 hours and got home and slept all I want to do is sleep my backs in agony aswell, I can't eat cause if I eat I'm sick straight away the smell of food makes me heave:( on the other hand my birthdays on thursday, going out for a meal on wednesday then to the pub for a little glass of champaign then on to the j2os, coke and irnbru! Hope everyones had a brilliant day and babys are all okay and well!<3

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So sorry you are feeling so rubbish hannahdeex. It feels never ending but believe me it does get better. Chin up and let yourself have the rest you need. Happy birthday for Thursday and hope you can enjoy your dinner x

That sounds so familiar, I had eight weeks of being sick and heaving, it's gone now, it will hopefully end soon.

Happy birthday for Thursday :)

Hi girls:) aww i know im feeling a bit better now i slept for 10 hours so its not too bad:) awww thankyou chicky:) yeah hopefully it will end soon:D xx

Hey Hannah, Yep sounds very familiar... I too have good and bad days. It's just not fun when you feel so poo and it's hard to see positives! Happy brithday for Thursday, i hope you are truly spolt! Is it a big birthday?

I will be 7 months pregnant when i turn 30... didnt plan that very well, did i! :)

Haha i think everyone does if im honest:) aw i know haha i think when i get further on ill start to feel it more haha:) aw thankyou doll i hope i will haha:) nah its next yea itll be the big birthday im 17 this year:) haha aww nice and no haha i didnt plan to get pregnant but it happens and im happy i am:)

i know the feeling of sickness. i was sick from week 7 and still being sick at 18 weeks :( unfortunately i a hyperemesis sufferer and spent 4 weeks in hospital on a drip with my sickness. just sleep as much as you can hun. ive learnt that. and enjoy your birthday x

hope u have a gd birthday, and yeh I had horrible sickness between 8-14 weeks, couldn't eat dinner, and food and me fell out of love and it was horrible, was sick 2 a day and I will be honest it really got me down but now am nearly 18 weeks and am back to eating wen and what (within reason) I like. apart from a sore boobs I feel just like I did before I was pregnant so trust me it gets better but I will be honest for about 6 weeks i felt the worst i have felt for a long time and was very emotional but it gets better trust me!!! enjoy ur birthday, take it easy x

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