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Heat rash is a bugger... Home remedies?


Hello ladies, I've had heat rash for a few days now: under breasts, top/middle of belly, and top of thighs too... It's so itchy it's driving me crazy!

For my sanity, do any of you experienced ladies know a quick remedy or cure?! I presume this is one of the joys of pregnancy? I'm nearly 8 weeks.

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Heat rash! In ths cold weather, are u sure? I would get the rash checked out, I know you are early in pregnancy but there is. Few serious conditions that can cause a rash, something to do with the function of the liver.

I'm 28 weeks and I have only had. Rash on my chest and shoulders it was itchy, tiny little spots, showed the doc who said it was due to hormonal changes. It calmed down now :)


def see ur g.p, have u changed ur washing powder? my excema flared up around 7 weeks..but I've got creams from.g.p for my eczema so cleared up quickly xx

I'm having am itchy time of it too but have put mine didn't to mainly stretching skin as bulk is over belly but I have some itchiness on my legs too esp shins, thought maybe dodgy razor but not known anything like this before. See my itchy belly feed, I have yet to find anything to soothe :( x

Oh ïm the same, find it so hard to get back to sleep. Once all itchy then I will spend most night scratching and moving around. Can't see any rashes on me! :(

Make sure it's not thrush/fungal - tends to start under breast and spread. Looks more like red, peeling skin than your usual 'down below' thrush. If it is, a week of clotrimazole will do it. Lots of baby powder too to keep the areas proberly dry. If you're worried - get checked out! It's mildly amusing to watch a bunch of obstetricians postulate what a skin problem is, BUT if it's pregnancy related, it would be a spot diagnosis for them!

I get this too, but have only developed it in the third trimester, it's horrid eh! They've taken my bloods to test for obstetric cholestasis, a condition to do with the liver. This is more likely in third trimester so you probably do only have a heat rash, but it's still horrid.

The only thing I have found to temporarily get rude of the itch so I can sleep is using olbas oil (one or two drops) mixed in with aloe Vera gel (which has been kept in the fridge). I hear you can get aqueous cream with menthol in too and that sounds soothing. I don't know if I should really be using olbas oil all over during pregnancy, as it has strong oils in it, but I've been desperate!!

Am still waiting on blood test results coming back, I suppose this may also be a heat rash.

People say taking a cool bath with oatmeal or bicarbonate of soda helps, although it didn't help me. Also drinking lots of water. I don't want to take dandelion supplements, which are meant to help, as I've heard there's a big vitamin A content which obviously isn't good.

Hope this is of any help! X


Thanks Ladies. I just called the GP as it doesnt seem to be going... I think it's definitely heat rash though, as i've had it before and it looks/feels exactly the same. It's crazy to think heat rash in this weather, but then pregnancy does wonderful things... I have always been a hot blooded person, and i guess now more than ever.

I was thinking that maybe it had something to do with the fact i was putting bio oil on the skin before bed... Mayeb the skin cannot breath?!

LunaD: Good luck with your blood tests! Ok, so whats the problem with Vitamin A: Have i missed something here? :)

I hope they give you something to help, maybe ask them for this aqueous cream with menthol in, I have just bought some online and it sounds like it will be soothing.

Thanks, I get the results tomorrow, fingers crossed that it is ok- also have scan tomorrow as midwife thinks the baby is breech, so am a bit stressed!

You shouldn't take things like liver, cod liver oil and vitamin A supplements in pregnancy because a high level of it can cause birth defects :-/

I am so itchy right now, it's driving me mad, about to dunk myself in a cold bath full of Olbas Oil! Deary me. Hope you get rid of your itch X

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