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Im late help


Hey everyone I was due on my period on the 20 of march but their hasnt been any blood   im starting to worry but I havent had sex for about a month Ive not gone to my gp because they are ridiculously stupid ive always been a big girl so they have put me missing it to that but ive always had my period on time ive never missed im loseing waight but I had all the signs of comeing on like most women do but it just went away im lossing sleep over it and I don't know if I should tell my partner just yet he does not want kids but if I am I couldnt see my self haveing a termination could someone please give me some advice thanx

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The best way to find out is by doing a home pregnancy test.

The best thing to do is buy about 2 (in some packs now you can get 2 in the in pack) that's just in case your HGC hormone levels are too little to detect then you'll be able to take the test again when the HGC has risen.

The best tests are the Clear-blue tests as they can detect your pregnancy hormone at very low levels but are a bit pricey.


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I totally agree I was 7 weeks pregnant before It showed on a pregnancy test due to the HGC Hormone level, I done 4 test in total over a space of 2 weeks and only the last one showed as positive. Just days after finding out I was admitted to hospital and they give me an early scan which showed I was 7 weeks and 2 days couldn't believe it when I had only just had 1 positive test. Everything was fine, am 21 weeks now. Don't worry to much about it at the moment as if your not pregnant and are actually just late for your period it could be stress or anxiety related, so worrying at this stage wont help. Can I also advise not to use clear blue tests although the reviews are great they say on the pack the can detect from the first stage of pregnancy, I wasted £20 on mine as both told me I wasn't pregnant and I actually was.

I would suggest waiting a week or so before taking a test to give any hormone that is there a change to develop.

Good luck :-) x


do a test that's the only definite way u will know, if you go to the dr and say u r pregnant they don't do anything anyway. R u using protection or not? to be honest I am 17+3 pregnant and my boyfriend before didn't want kids but when I told him after the initial shock he was excited, seriously don't lose sleep over it, do a couple of tests and go from there.


Definitely do a test! ;) make sure it's your first wee of the day too... If your partner loves you, once you've told him the news he'll be thrilled, even if he does freak out initially! :)

Thanx for your reply people means alot

Sometimes worrying about it can delay your period. The amount of bloody tests I've gone through and then come on a day or two afterwards; it's like my body waits for it, lol! Best of luck either way although you might wish to think about if you want kids. I always knew that was something I couldn't give up for any partner. Now happily married with a daughter and hoping baby number 2 happens soon! Lots of guessing and testing for me. Btw I've found some medical professionals can be a bit harsh with us bigger girls. I'm the same as you; always regular. I went in thinking I was having another ectopic and got told (in a very smarmy tone) to manage my weight better! Grrrr. X

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