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Nappy bins - are they worth it?

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Hi there

now that I only have a few weeks to go I've been thinking more about the practicalities of having my little newborn at home. And one thing that I'm stil not sure on is disposing of nappies. I don't wanna have to go outside to the big bin 5-10 times a day once my little man starts making more dirty nappies. But I also don't want to keep them indoors if they are going to smell!

So my question is - will any old bin with a lid do or is a proper 'nappy bin' better? I will be putting nappies in deodorising nappy bags and then into the bin so was hoping that any bin with a tight fitting lid would do, but not sure if the smells will still get out. We'll be emptying it every day...

Any advice on storing dirty nappies indoors would be much appreciated :o)

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if you have got somewhere where u can put it out of the way then I'd say yes I never had the room..but def needed when they start eating solids... they have special offers on for them so look around, id only use it for the it lasts longer x

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I bought a nappy bin from Bambino Mio a few years ago "when i gave birth to my son in 2008" & i must admit i think it's very handy. I just hate the idea & sight of the bathroom or kitchen bin being packed with dirty nappies.

With the nappy bin you can keep all the nappy's in one compartment "at least until full" then take them out on the bin day.

Plus it does lock away some of the unpleasent smells YUK!

I found my nappy bin still smelt as you don't empty it till its full. Unlike a bin you can empty as much as you want. I ended up buying a 12litre bin with a lid. I emptied it every day and detol'd it once a week! It really is dependant on personal preference. Look at the offers as not worth buying them at full price. One point also is the nappy bin i had you had to push the nappy down into it. Not nice if its full of solids!

I bought a tommee tippee nappy bin thingy. I've no idea if they are any good. I have two cats, one of whom is elderly and uses the litter tray, surely baby poop doesn't smell worse than kitty poop stink? If it does I'm buying some pegs for my poor snout!

This made me laugh :-) In my experience breastfed poo doesn't smell for your own baby, but other baby's poo, formula fed poo and solid food poo really can (but doesn't always) and it's really not that bad anyway :-) In 20months I've only had a couple of poos that to me were worse than the litter tray first thing in a morning, and that's usually when LO has been ill or teething.

We just take them and put them in a normal open bin in the bathroom. Any solid poo we empty down the loo before rolling and using the tabs to seal again. We also use a bamboo odour absorber near the bin. Just empty the bin every 2-3 days when full or sooner if smelling (usually due to teething wee or runny teething poo that doesn't empty easily!)

I imagine any bin with lid will do. We've hit this problem only recently with our 16 mnth old. I used cloth nappies for the first 14 mnths and only switched to disposables after returning to work a couple of months ago. I've come to the conclusion it's not worth buying one for just a year. We've been using Asda own brand nappy bags which smell nice and can hold about 3 nappies. We just chuck it in the family bin or outside bin if there's a smelly poop in there. You might find it more cost effective to see how much the bags compare with say deodorised peddle bin bags (dunno if such a thing exists, lol). You buy the bin once, the bags are the ongoing expense. Having used a pale to store dirty cloth nappies all day, i found the smell doesn't leak out if it's well contained, but does need cleaning regularly to keep it fresh. Hope this helps.

Thanks everyone! Lots to mull over.

I thought I was so ready but keep finding things I haven't done or don't have!! Who knew such a small person needed so much paraphenalia.... :o)

I got a nappy bin when i had my last child ( he is now 30months) and i was surprised at how much i do use it. When this baby comes (Thursday) i think it will get a lot more use especially through weaning stage. My lb has some very smelly nappies but he loves his Vegas. I never had one when had my 7yr old but it has been handy with my lb.

I was amazed at how much I used mine for my first baby, but I always bought the bags when they were on special offer otherwise they are expensive. After the early months of tons of nappies every day I then just used normal nappy bags but still used the bin. When u r getting the hang of a newborn and changing them so often the inbuilt bags are very useful.

Mothercare had a 3 for 2 offer on so I caved in and bought one! At least it will save me being cold going outside as it's been snowing all day here! Where is the spring?! I was hoping to be in flip-flops by now given that it's getting really hard to get my shoes on these days.....

To be honest I've always used nappy bins, but they are pretty expensive to maintain with the cartridges they need. I bought an Angelcare one and it's lasted for ever! has a breakdown of a few models to go for.

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