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Two days to go eep!


I've got so used to having little on wriggling inside of me that I'm going to miss my excited and nervous about the whole thing. I'm being induced early due to the fact that I have a macrasomic baby, ie baby has grown very large due to gestational diabetes, which was not discovered until week 36. I will have a try at delivering my baby vaginaly. But I'm only five foot tall and baby will be 4kg by Wednesday. I still have fears of shoulder dystocia. And possible asphyxia. But have come to a compromise with the consultant, I will try for a few hours, but if its not progressing then I will have a c section. It's more likely that I end up in theatre anyway. And I keep wondering if I've done the right thing. Should I have just gone and asked for a c section? I'm trying not to worry as I know that I'll be closely monitored all throughout. I'm such a mixed bag of emotions right now all I want is my baby safely in my arms, it's felt like I've been pregnant forever, and now the day is almost here it feels so odd.

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oh bless, If it makes u feel better, my friend is 5ft 3 and delivered a 9lb 4 baby but can see why your worried...if you get to worried and don't want to be induced then just go on the day and say u only want a section...they can't refuse if they think that u might need one anyway...and stick to your guns..our u could try for a few hours, u have to do what feels right for u... 2 days ago exciting!! hope all goes well xx

Good luck my lovely! Do whatever it is you feel comfortable with. You are in control and you will have your gorgeous baby in your arms to love and hold for the rest of days. So happy for you, I know what you mean about it feeling like a long time to be pregnant. The end is in sight lovely lady... :) I'll be thinking of you! xxx

Awww, thank you. Been blabbing like a goodden today can't stop just all over the place lol I think I just needed to release all of that built up tension. I'd much rather do it at home now rather than in hospital lol

Good luk Hun, do what you feel is best for you and baby:)

4kg is 8.8 pounds, surely this is not known as a large baby, I thought a large baby was over 9.5 pounds? My sister delivered a 9.10 pound baby in feb, she needed forceps also, he was written down as a large baby!

Oh I hope my boy is not that big, under nine pound seems ok to me fingers crossed xx

Oh bless you Thankyou, baby's Edith diabetic mums are more likely to put extra padding on their shoulders therefore more likely to get stuck, it's more the combination of macrasomic large baby, plus being 5 ft. Baby already estimated 8lb 11 and that was just over a week ago, I'm going to try my best

Sorry I meant more like 10 lbs lol 8 lb I wish

Baby was estimated at 8lb 11 more than a week ago, I'll be 38 weeks exactly on Wednesday, you can see where this is heading now. If I was left to go on cant you.

Yeah a big ouch! good job they induce early :)

GOOD LUCK TODAY! I will be thinking of you today! I'm so excited! If you have time or energy to update us at some point in the next few weeks I'd love to hear from you! Baby arrival time! Wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :)


My 2nd son was born with shoulder dystocia and was very very lucky to survive with his cord around his neck twice, labour went so smoothly up until his head delivered n he wad literally stuck, now my 3rd will be by Elective c section as already measuring bigger than 9 lb 3 of last boy, I dont see a point in risking his health I dont care what I go through as long as hes ok!! Plus I hadnt even heard of shoulder dystocia before it happened to us!

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