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Baby movements 3rd Trimester

I know the rule of thumb is 10+ moves from baby during a 10-12 hour period. The best advice is to contact the midwife or triage unit.

But... before I make any calls I thought I'd ask those that have had babies before if a slightly reduced sensation of movement os likely due to lack of space and baby getting a bit cramped. I'm 37.5 weeks and although Squiggly does indeed give me quite the hoofing something feels different. Less frequent for sure but my gut says she is fine but my over cautious over thinking head is curious about the subtle changes. Do babies movements decrease with their ever shrinking space. I always feel so overjoyed by her somewhat painful movements when she decides to go on one but she does spend quite a lot of time having long periods of snoozing. Whenever I've contacted triage and been monitored Squiggly has a very strong heartbeat and suddenly decides to move around heaps! :)

I'm also feeling odd sensations really low down in my pubic area, like a great pressure and get period pains, not intermittent but lasting anywhere from 20 mins to a few hours. What is that? My tummy is tight and hard most of the time so I don't think it's braxton hicks, is it Squiggly just positioning herself? I'm seeing the midwife tomorrow so I'll ask these questions then but in the meantime would love the more experienced woman's view!

Hope you're all well and enjoying your bank holiday weekend. :)

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I understand your concerns but it sounds like your body is ready for labour because by this time the baby's head is engaged into / close by your pelvic area. The best way to think of the baby's space inside is she/he is now upside-down with the knees around the middle of your belly area.

It sounds like you could be going into labour sooner than planned.


Sounds like bump may be beginning to engage :-)


does it feel like a foot or a hand is going to come out? the.movements do become slower but they do stipulate the 10 moves a day...soundslike things MIGHT be starting for u slowly but surely, but rather than the boom boom boom moving it is just a slight shrug here, a stretch there cos they have very little space to move about, no harm in giving them a call to get checked over..they like hearing that makes them move about, might show if your having contractions too, I have always got checked over if I haven't 10 movements x


She has been wriggling a bit since I wrote so I feel a little bit reassured but definitely getting pressure low down in the pubic area, like a push down feeling, so maybe she's trying out the positions for birth and getting her head engaged. Sometimes I think I see the blade of her foot, she does strange things near my belly button. I don't know... it is all odd. I haven't lost the mucous plug I don't think and waters certainly not broken, not sure what those period pain feelings are but pretty sure they're not braxton hicks. I'll see the midwife tomorrow morning and see what she has to say. In the meantime my tummy is as hard as a nut. I'm excited but will be honest that there is a tinge of anxiety at this point. I've no idea if she'll come before her due date... whatever she wants to do I'll be ready for her. Thanks for your kind words and support. :) xxx


I reckon baby is engaged and has finally run out if room to pull back and kick hard lol!

The pressure you are feeling sounds promising, like baby is pressing on your cervix and the period pain is more than likely the cervix beginning to thin out.

Fingers crossed baby is on her way xxxx


I have definitely read that movements become fewer and fewer as the baby gets bigger because they have less room to move, and since you are full term now(?), your baby is probably pretty large :) How exciting! I would have thought that 37.5 weeks is the ideal time for going into labour because the baby is fully developed but not as big as it would be in a couple of weeks time. Good luck xx


I'm certainly getting some strange sensations in the body! I just came back from the midwife, she was very reassuring. Yes there is less room, the baby movements will be different but the frequency of feeling her ought to be maintained. She said staff at the hospital would always prefer a patient to ring in and never ever to feel a nuisance. They are obliged to see someone if they feel any reduction in movement. Even if it is more than one occasion within a 24 hour period they would prefer to reassure us than to not. My little Squiggly is engaged... doesn't indicate imminent labour but just she's ready. The period pain is possibly my cervix changing and thinning out, it can be quite a long process. Heard her heartbeat again... such sweet music! :) Thanks for wishing me luck! The same returned to you! :) xx


Thanks for the update and very glad to hear that everything's fine. I will bear your midwife's comments in mind (i.e. re the frequency of feeling) as my pregnancy progresses. Not long to go for you now! xx


Hey Kaleidoscope

It's like I'm reading my own blog when I read yours, but I guess since we are both due about the same day it makes sense!

I have been getting strange and often a bit painful sensastions very low in my pelvis the last few days. Saturday I was really worried that I didn't feel much movement - espcially since I was helping a friend make Easter cupcakes and ate quite a few myself (which would normally make my little man go crazy). Luckily he was back up to his old tricks on Sunday and yesterday he was hyperactive all day - not kicks but lots of ripples.

Keep us posted as all the advice you give and receive is really helpful for me and I'm sure for many others too :o)

It's exciting but also scary to know it could be any day now - it's like waiting for the best present ever but not knowing when it's going to be delivered.

Fingers crossed it will be soon for both of us xxx


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