My early pregnancy symptoms have disappeared. Should I be worried?

I am 12 weeks on Wednesday and have had nausea each day up until a few days ago when it lifted. Am concerned because at the same time my breasts have stopped being sore. My scan is not for another week and a half. Am looking for some reassurance. Is this common? I had very few symptoms with my last two pregnancies so this is different for me.

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  • my sickness has been on and off but getting better all the time and im 10weeks Boob's still really hurt, but when I was pregnant with my boys I had no sickness and Boob's werent as painful...maybe it's because you have reached your 2nd trimester everything is settling down now they say u start too feel better from 12 weeks, if u are concerned then it doesn't harm to give your midwife a call tmw x

  • Thank you for your reply. I am thinking that it is probably just that. I had a really fractious nights sleep and woke up a bit worried and freaked out. I have just told my children (12 and 8) who are so excited it makes the idea of loss unbearable. Will look forward to my scan next week

  • I know what u mean I feel like that too on days when I don't feel sick.. x

  • I was the same when I just pass 12 weeks, I panicked and thought something was wrong but came on here and read its pretty common. I'm now 19 weeks and as not feeling baby fully yet - think I've felt a few flutters but difficult to tell and this is our first so I do still think "is baby ok in there?" but then just tell myself of course you would know if something was wrong lol. It's crazy. I do still have to odd days when I feel sick which I'm pleased about as its a bit or reassurance :)

    Good luck for you scan :) xx

  • Thank you. You're sure to feel it very soon!

  • I am sure it is normal to feel like that. I never had symptoms with my other two pregnancies. I never started off with symptoms with this pregnancy so I was so worried that booked myself a private scan which all turned out normal so was just over reacting. This last weekend has been awful, feeling sick constantly and my skin has been really sensitive, dont know if they are pregnancy symptoms or not but it has eased off now.

  • Hey! Well I'm only 7.5 weeks and my nausea and breast pain has started coming and going too.... Started worrying me as well! Think we certainly worry too much, but it's hard not too! Tomorrow I'll be on the case with the midwife! :) good luck next week xx

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