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Finally in control- Gestational diabetes

So it's been about three weeks since urine and blood test confirmed I had GD. I wasn't surprised as my cravings for sweet stuff was through the roof, and I had some other signs too, such as mega weeing and mega thirst, I drink at least three litres of water a day everyday! Plus with a history of PCOS insulin resistance is almost a given, hence weight loss and fertility is almost always adversely affected!

So in the pastI have learnt to combat PCOS and become symptom free by losing weight, exercising four times a week and a very low carb and cut out all crap food! It was hard but worth it, I lost three stone in a few months and I felt great, my aim was to kick start my reproductive system and get pregnant naturally, so bobs your uncle it worked :)

Where I was symptom free, I had stopped using metformin coz I was able to control my sugar levels by healthly eating, I even asked my doc should I go back on metformin in pregnancy due to my body needs changing, I was advised that there was no point!

How wrong the doc was!

So first trimester I was and kept fairly active walking about two miles a day with the dog, but I stopped the gym. I gained half a stone.

Second trimester sickness hit me like a bullet, and was running to the toilet or sink five times a day, my diet went up the wall, as I couldn't eat my healthly foods, my body just made me throw it up! I lived on sausage rolls and bread and jam for nearly two months.

Finally the sickness stopped at 20 weeks, but the back and hip pain kicked in big time, for a week at a time I couldn't walk far, and to this day 27 weeks and six days still cannot walk for long!

Weight gain So far altogether 2 stone 2 pounds.

So at 24 weeks I started testing my blood levels four times a day, wow they were out of control, hitting max levels or going over not too much but still too much!

I started cutting down portion sizes and most of all stopped eating thuge amounts of chocolate and sweet foods, my sugar levels started to improve but not by much.

Then last weeks met up with the diabetic team, they started me on metformin, one after breakfast and dinner to go up to three a day as soon as my body is able to tolerate.

So this week I think I finally have success, this is my first morning of normal sugar levels actually well below max levels,hopefully this continues so I can avoid injections, a possible c-section or early induction and most of all no breathing or sugar level control issues with my new baby :)

So just a word to all mums to be, you really cannot get away with eating chocolate or sweet stuff everyday, most of you would find at some point your sugar levels would be on the high side, just be careful, don't take your body for granted, the odd treat once a week is fine, but not everyday, although I know how tempting it is :)

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Yay! Glad your sugars are normalising! :-). Also glad that Flump is a fan of satsumas and clementines, unlike mum, who is definitely a fan of the cake!! ;-). Given you got yourself off metformin with the good old fashioned faves of weight control and exercise (your GP must love you, dream patient - this combo works much better than drugs!) must bode well for your GDM.

Your doctor is probably a little out of date. Official advice used to be that all oral anti diabetics were out during pregnancy and insulin, started when needed not automatically, was the preferred option.

Studies showed that much more netformin reached baby than mum. Metformin helps your body release the stored insulin it has made - the worry was always that of foetal growth restriction (insulin has a cousin called insulin-like growth factor 1, which in turn is required for active Growth Hormone release - too much insulin = not enough ILGF1 by suppression = no activation of Hrowth Hormone). Given the high numbers of people on metformin at conception, and the reported low levels of teratogenicity (foetal developmental abnormalities), The fact it has been licenced since the 1970s in South Africa for use in pregnancy, plus two big Aussie randomised trials, advice was redrafted and it is only relatively recently this advice changed, and metformin is the only oral agent recommended in pregnancy as it stands.

The things you have to learn for membership exams that aren't related to your speciality (and actually remember!) Seems my recent bout of 'baby brain' was pure fatigue at being rota'ed to work 23 days out of 25! Only one more working day in that job before rotating on to a much more forgiving on call rota! PAAAARRRRTTTYYY!!! :-)


Glad the work situation looks like it will improve for you DrFluffy! :)


Thanks for the reply good to know I'm on the correct meds:) and thank I'd for your easier rota coming up bet you can't wait lol


Cor blimey girl, what a journey you are having managing your sugar levels. Well done for all you achieved with your diet pre pregnancy. Making those kinds of changes requires great commitment and strength of character to adapt. I had a low carb way of eating too. I don't have a health reason to inspire eating that way just that I have done a lot of reading on how to get the best out of my food and anything that advocates the eating of lots of meat, fish and vegetables (cutting out the starchy veg, rice and pasta etc) will win my favour.

Pregnancy however does create some straying from the norm. I went right of sugar in the early months, maybe even up to 6 months. But my eating has gone down hill since my body can't cope with me standing or walking. I can't cook the way I used to and my body is so hungry for the bad things. I have succumbed I'm ashamed to say. My sugar levels aren't a concern so I'm not giving myself a hard time about it because the moment Squiggly is here I shall be returning to my low carb eating for sure and long to be able to cook my delicious dinners and eat the way I prefer and move my body! I can't wait to move my body properly.

Your advice is great, definitely keep the treats to a minimum. Sugar... what a tempting and naughty thing it is. Not really that hard to cut out, so many other yummy things to eat. I have a penchant for salads... mmmmm.... cheese & cherry tomato salads... :)


Thanx Hun, definatley low carb works for me, infact when I switched to this before I was pregnant I couldn't believe how much more energy I got x not long now till little one is here for you :)


well done, must be a good feeling, I cant wait to eat salads and good food again....just can't stand the thought of it at the mo..mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and a dash of olive oil...can't wait :-)


Same here the good stuff does not really appeal to me!


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