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Does anyone have advice on what exercise is safe during pregnancy?

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This is my first baby and I am 6 weeks and a bit nervous about how much exercise I should be doing and what is safe e.g. Is it safe to use kettle bells and do stomach exercises as normal? Is there anything I definitely shouldn't be doing?

Thanks for any help!

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congrats on ur bubba, I am 17w, with my first too, they say u should do gentle exercise, swimming and yoga are highly recommended, I am not too sure on doing kettle bells and I think u should go easy on stomach exercises if at all, need to be taking it easy, but my midwife says swimming is very beneficial! I have been going swimming once/twice a week as doing shift work this is as much I can do. take care :)

Congrats to you too! Thanks for this there's so much information out there, its all so scary!

yeh theres a lot out there, but when u see ur midwife I am sure she will be able to advise u more to see if u can do the activities u wana do but maybe jjust adapt them slightly but again ur midwife will be better advised then I am, all I know is tht swimming is gd for me :)


I agree it is scary. I'm also stressing about what to do and not to do, particularly as I'm knocking on a bit. I'm even earlier on than you (c.4w) and feeling very neurotic about the whole thing.

From the ton of stuff I've read Ceribean is absolutely right - don't do anything strenuous and don't do stomach exercises (hooray! no sit ups!) Yoga, swimming and also a bit of exercise bike is fine too, apparently, so long as you don't overdo it.

I have been having a little search on youtube for pregnancy yoga stuff, and there are some labelled 'first trimester'. None particularly satisfactory of I'd send you a link, but all of these seem to avoid things which involve tensing your abdominal muscles too much.

Given this I'm nervous about going to a normal yoga class though as I am way too early stages to fess up that I'm preggers, but I also would feel a bit of a fraud going to the antenatal one at this stage!

Might have to invest in a dvd off amazon...

always check with your gym they will be able to advise you on what you can and can't do, if you have been exercising before then u can continue, but kettle bells and heavy lifting is out, my friend done some strenuous classes till she was 6 1/2 months, and another kept up her body balance classes till she got spd...body balance is a fantastic one combines Pilates yoga and tai chi...if I was still doing it I would of carried on x

Swimming, yoga, Pilates but no stomach exercises... I think as you go through the pregnancy, you'll be so tired, you won't want to do strenuous exercises! ;)

Fantastic news! The key thing is how fit you are and the level of exercise you were doing before you became pregnant. If you you didn't do any exercise, don't start up any strenuous activities now. I'm 5wks with my first and still playing squash. I've played for years and my Dr said I could carry on as long as I don't crash into walls, my squash partner or get hit with a racket. Luckily my squash games don't involve any of those things. When my body starts to grumble, I'll switch to something else. I've got friends who carried on going to the gym and running well into pregnancy. NHS Choices website has some advice on exercising and stomach exercises during pregnancy,which you might find useful.

Thanks for all the helpful responses everyone.

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