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Obstetric Cholestasis?


I have been itchy all over (mostly bump, arms, legs and my back) for the past couple of weeks. I haven't noticed any itchy on the palms of my hands or soles of my feet. I think the itching is getting gradually worse, last night I woke up scratching. I can't see a rash.

I went to the Dr about it a couple of weeks ago and he prescribed hydrocortisone cream and Aveeno, but these haven't really helped. The itching is worse at night. I thought maybe it was PUPPS but as there's no rash I'm confused! The midwife took my LFTs and bile acids a week past Thursday and the surgery never rang me to tell me there were any concerns over the results, so I think they were ok. I wonder if I should get them repeated? I'm 36+4 and seeing the midwife on Monday. I don't know whether to wait until then. I hate to bother them at the weekend!

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if u are worried best to get It checked I say...u have to look after yourself and little one...they should of let u know either way.! I would get it checked out to be on.the safe side xx


You did say you are 36wks & 4 days so there's not long to go now. But if you feel like the itching is getting too much, you could try , "if not tried already" running a nice warm bath at night with a few sprinkles of bicarbonate of soda in the water.

The soda is meant to be a good exfoliant for the skin & dosen't create any further irritation.

It worth a try!


So they have not diagnosed you? Have you any jaundice? Yellow in whites of eyes, bright yellow urine etc? From what I understand they are indicators of this condition along with the itching as your described on body palms and soles. X

If its hard to get to the mid-wife and repeat test over the long weekend, maybe you may want to try eating radish over the weekend. I had severe jaundice few years ago and I was unable to hold even things as light as pomegranate juice. Radish did wonders, it put my liver and biles in place !

Maybe that helps you too - and anyways there wont be any side-affects except maybe a little smelly fart here and there (which I think can be controlled, if you add a little fresh lemon juice and pinch of salt to your radish only salad)

Other options to sooth your skin could be some home-made body packs and exfoliation (I normally use 100 gms. chick-pea (gram) flour mixed with a spoon of natural honey, yogurt/fresh cream or milk made into a thick paste - leave it on for 2 minutes before you scrub yourself off in bath) after drying up use lot of olive oil to thoroughly moisturize yourself (the one in Kitchen is good). Repeat moisturizing with olive oil if you feel the skin to be getting dry. Wear nice comfort socks, tuck in bed or sofa and do nothing (except maybe putting a nice nail-paint or reading a nice book) !

hope you feel better

You really really need to case up these results. Ring your maternity assessment unit and they will do them for you. There is no rash with oc but they will monitor you very closely. Without trying to scare you I have oc (was diagnosed at 27 weeks) and I'm being induced at 36+2 (due to bank holiday). Normal practice is 37-38 weeks.

If you google be careful not to frighten yourself as there is lots of scary stuff about it out there. Monitoring does do the job though. I've been prescribed aqueous cream with menthol. It stings a bit but really soothes once sunk in. Hope this helps and good luck. X

You can ring delivery suite since its a Sunday and they can check your results. You can get stretching related itching where a good moisturiser might help. You need to make sure those levels were ok first though. Make sure your keeping an eye on your baby's movements. Any concerns ring your hospital to get checked out. I have crazy itching on my bump but it is stretching itching. Drives you insane. Good luck x

You really need to chase this up if you are worried. Your hospital should have a day assessment unit that you can go to if you don't think your doctor is helping. I don't want to worry you because you could be fine but I was suffering with itching and swelling lots from week 32. The midwife kept saying it was normal but my health visitor told me to get it checked out by the doc...so glad I did as I was admitted straight away with OC and induced 3 weeks early. You can never be too careful. If its not OC, I found a cold shower and applying loads of moisturiser helped with the itching. And keep your nails short!!

Thanks so much for all your answers. I keep thinking I'm paranoid, but it is worrying me as I am really itchy all over, especially at night and there is no rash. Because the itching subsides considerably during the day, I kept feeling it was unnecessary to call and tell the midwife my concerns, but I ended up calling this morning and the midwife told me my bloods were fine last time, but they are going to repeat them tomorrow. It does feel like it has gotten itchier since the last bloods, but hopefully it is ok...though I can't help worrying because I can't think what else it could be. I'm not jaundice, but I think my urine is darker than it should be and my stools lighter, but it's hard to say! Suppose all I can do is get the bloods done. I feel silly for not just phoning last week, though. I just worry so much about all sorts of pregnancy issues that I always think I'm just being paranoid!!

The only thing that has given temporary relief is a cold shower and slathering on aloe vera gel that has been kept in the fridge and the itch returns soon after! But thank you all for taking time to give your advice :) Really appreciated.

Turns out my liver function tests and bile acid tests are fine and I am now developing a slight bumpy rash so it is some sort of other, less serious, rash, although it is still hideously uncomfortable! The Dr has prescribed me hydrocortisione cream to use sparingly and diprobase. I find the diprobase just makes me feel horrid and sweaty though, so am not using it!

I ordered aqueous cream off the internet that contains menthol and this is the only thing that works! It is so cooling and soothing. I wake up at 4am itching and put it on again and go back to sleep. Better that sitting up awake scratching!!

The Dr said the itching could also be caused by my being mildly anaemic. Only 12 days to go anyway and it will hopefully disappear! Thank god! It is so frustrating!!!

Keep getting checked I had 5 blood test b4 being diagnosed. After scratching and bruising myself for months.. my Dr prescribed me creams for dry skin when thts not what I needed i needed treatment and fast as my bile acids went up 2 86. I'm being induced now Tuesday at 37weeks..

I'm now 37+3, been itchy for the past 3 weeks at least, had blood tests done at 36 weeks, came back normal, but in the last week, i've only had 3, 4 hours of sleep per night because of it, it's just everywhere, doesn't stop and it's absolutely driving me crazy. What is the bile acid test? How come I've only had a blood test done?

Hi Cristina, did you ever get any feedback? How did it turn out in the end. I'm going to call my widwife tomorrow to ask for tests to be done, just worried they won't take me seriously, i'm living in south america and maybe they have different protocol?

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