Hate waiting!

So ive done all my blood tests and now waiting for the results for my pregnancy hormone test. After the agonising wait for 48 hours, i then had to call for my results which i was told would e done by 3 today. I called and they still haemt got my second result. They have my first on which she said is 76 which she repetedly said is very low. I said should i just assume its all gone wrong and stuff and jut give up and she kept saying not to give up, although its low it can improve. Im just thinking how can it improve when its so low?

My boyfriend is tying to be positive but tbh ive given up. Going through so much in my life top of a miscarriage, just feel like for once i wanna be happy. Im runnigbout of hope. And ive been so emotional for teblast few days and im not normlly an emotional person. Hate waiting for news, just hurts more


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  • Also the bleeding has stopped now and there were never any pains.

  • Hi BabyJ.i'm with you here...waiting is terrible...all my pregnancy i had to wait.firstly on the beginning when i had an early scan to see if i had ectopic pregnancy.i will never forget when told me they taking me straight to theatre!i wasnt even ready,i meant to pick my son up from school!when i came round i had to wait for any news...lucky it wasnt ectopic but if they had a clear scan picture they wouldve see it surely!i was in such a pain that i couldnt even hide it from my 9year old and he was crying with me...:( they gave me 3days to check my blood hormones then 48 hours again.so had to wait a week before knowing if my op.made me loose a baby or not.when i got to hospital the doctor and everyone around me couldnt believe it.there was a still strong hb.they've told me its a miracle and they didnt see anything like this in 15 years cos my baby moved from the corner to the middle of uterus.but anyway i also found out that my hormons were low which would say i miscarried...but its always best to do a scan...why did you have your hormons checked now?how far are you now?i know its easy to say for me now but be positive.i was always seeing things in dark colours(i keep bleeding sometimes) and i started having breathing problems with panic attacks.i hope you get good results.i'm not sure if you get them today as i meant to ring for my swab results yesterday but they wont be ready till tuesday.dont loose your hope cos everything is possible xx

  • Now i've seen you had a bleeding.honestly try not to

    worry.as i said before i had bleedings.spotting sometimes which was ok by me but when i've lost gush of blood that was so scary.first time red blood,next times brown.have you had a smear test done?i know some women think you cant have it but of course you can.in my country they do it twice in pregnancy.my consultant said its safe.anyway in my case they havent got a clue why i'm bleeding.blood test,smear was ok and cervix is shut.but last time i saw a great dr who explained few things.it could be b'cos placenta is low.every time i lift something or bend down that can cause bleeding.i'm on sick note since january and i try to rest as much as i can.not sure if in Uk they give any tablets to pregnant wimen that bleed.when i went abroad and i've lost gush of blood they prescribed me Duphaston for a month.and my friend she's been on them all her pregnancy.but every country is different.keep me updated please.i can answer any time as i dont sleep well at night.fingers crossed hun xx and kick your boyfriends a...he needs to be supportive and strong for you and little baby xx

  • No i havebt been offered a smear test. Gosh i feel sorry for u, i bet you have a lot if stress. Thanks for sharing your story, much appretiated and good luck to you :) x

  • Oh bless you... so what happens when you have the test results will they do another scan? It's so up in the air....must be so stressful for you after what neska said there is always hope! Xx

  • Gbh i dont know until i get the results :( x

  • Hi babyj, gosh ths is horrible for you, women can have low hcg levels but tbh 76 at 6 weeks pregnant is so low, clearblue test detect pregnancy at 25. BUT you might just have a little miricale happening inside you, I have everything crossed for you Hun xxxx

  • I took a clearblue test when i took a normal test, so does this mean its looking like bad news? :( i just hope all is well. Ive gt symptoms still and feeling more sicker aswell. Ugh feel to cry x

  • The fact that your pregnancy test is still positive and you do have hcg in your system is a good sign, have you looked at what hcg levels should be at different weeks in pregnancy?

    Do you think she meant 7,500 hcg level, coz if that's the case then that's great :)

  • Also the fact she saw a sac means your hcg levels must have reached at least 1,000 miu.

  • I havent looked at wt the hcg levels should be tbh. Ill have a look x

  • Im not sure tbh. She just said 76. She sounded like she didnt have a clue tbh. I dunno if its cause its bank holiday so thats why results are not through yet. But when she said its 76 she said its very low...

  • Mmm sounds like she was in a rush! Hopefully te second result will give you answers:) x

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