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All of a sudden feeling very full after eating a small meal

Hi everyone,

As you will have seen in previous posts I have had a very healthy appetite since falling pregnant! I am now 16 weeks two days with twins. But since yesterday after my uterus getting quite a bit larger ( which seemed to happen overnight ) I have been struggling to eat half of what I was before. I'm guessing my uterus must be starting to restrict my stomach? I just worry about what I could eat if I have to spread my eating over a few small meals a day especially being at work all day. How did everyone else cope with this? Xxx

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Hi, I'm not expecting twins and am later in pregnancy (35 weeks), but the past month or so I've been finding the same. The midwife reassured me that baby (or babies for you) will still take what they need, and to try and eat small regular meals, I think it's just us mums that will suffer!

I travel and drive a lot so this isn't always possible for me, so I take muesli bars, nuts and fruit out with me as I find an apple or snack bar will be enough between meals.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.



I am 16w 6d with my first and just the one baby (as far as I know) had a curry last night and it now feels like I have a food baby and a normal baby :) I was craving one so bad and I had the whole shebang, I think the naan did me in a bit but my god was it gd but thts the first time I have eaten a big meal normally I eat little and often as otherwise I feel like a hippo but normally I snack on cereal bars wen at work, or make some smoothies as I find fruit a bit boring so i just chuck loads of ice and milk in a blender with some soft fruit and its amazing!!


If you can face smaller meals then spread out your eating in the day as suggested by others. The advice above all sounds good. I had a lovely smoothie phase... banana, avocado and honey was what I couldn't drink enough of... yummy. Ohhhhhh.... now I want some and I haven't the ingredients and i'm too waddly to go out and get anything... At the moment I'm craving carbs... but the bad carbs in the form of chips... I ought to be nibbling on better things but do I feel like doing any cooking? Nope! ;) Once baby is out I'm so desperate to get back into cooking again and eating those big meals... i'll give anything for a roast...


I'm 38 wks and the whole eating experience for me is horrible. Likewise I find it hard to eat little but often as not a habit I can get used to. But after eating I feel so full as if I'm going burst, terrible indigestion in the form of either heartburn or continuous burping and finally breathless. I've said to my husband eating is by far the most difficult thing I have to do in a day. However, food still tastes good and I still feel Hungary so it has to be done. Only 2wks till my due date now so near the end of the rd so can't complain really. Good luck ladies with your pregnancies.


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