Anybody have strange dream when pregnant ?

Helloo has any anybody or is anybody experiencing strange dream while they r pregnant ? I am 6 weeks today and having the most strangest dreams ever.. Just last night I dreamt my boyfriend tattooed his name on my nose but it was really bent and I was so angry with it I actually punched myself in the nose while asleep and bust my nose woke up straight away covered in blood I proper bust my nose was blood everywhere and I knew what I had done I remember doing it in my dream and woke up as soon as I punched myself. My bf said I was screaming and shouting all night in my sleep its so strange is it just me or is this normal ??


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  • oh! yes I did - I was one time actually laughing out loud that i woke myself up laughing. And have even slapped my husband in sleep once. But yup so far I have not bruised my nose !

    But the dreams appear more real and I can mostly remember them - its like oscillating between conscious and sub-conscious mind

  • Wow so interesting thanks alot thought I was just strange lol they do seem so real aswell its mad I wonder what tonight brings :)

  • Oh yes, the most vivid dreams, I sometimes wake up in a startle, sometimes I wake up struggling to breath coz in my dream I'm distressed!

    So it's normal but annoying!

  • I'm about 11wks pregnant & my other half tells me I talk in my sleep "since being pregnant" But most importantly he also tells me i like to move & wave my hands around as if im trying to catch something.

    I just dont remember a thing "to be honest"

  • I am 10 weeks and had a dream Danny devito and arnie came to me and asked if arnie could carry my baby as he missed carrying a baby so much and I could have the baby back after he/she was born!! My fiancé said I wasn't best please with the idea as I was shouting no in my sleep lol x

  • Just reminded me, i had a very MOVI-ISH dream lately, where they changed my baby girl with the Royal baby boy of Kate. And I was so surprised as I have been shopping pink ever since - and I told my husband that this is not my baby, to which everyone started scolding me that how could i be so cruel to refuse my baby just because its a boy ad i was hoping for a girl. I woke up in tears !!

  • I've had some strange dreams when I've been pregnant that seemed to be predictive. With my first pregnancy, i dreamt about having 3 babies. They were all 5 weeks old and would fit in my palm. Two of them died and one was very sticky. I woke up sweating and could not go back asleep it was that vivid. I later suffered 2 miscarriages at 5 wks an ectopic that was removed at 8 wks! Very weird. I also knew the moment i got pregnant with my daughter. A little later i knew i was having a girl and she would be born on the 8th, not on the 12th like i was due. I spent early pregnancy dreaming about having an alien inside me, lol. I reckon it's the body's way of letting you know what it's going through. :) X

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