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Can't wait!

Ohhh I'm so excited for this baby to come I hate that I have to wait another 36 weeks for the little bundle of joy to come out and say hello! Starting to find my boobs are growing and they are so incredibly tender! Quite hard to put up with the pain sometimes as I'm decorating someone house with dad ... Nightmare! So scared to tell the parents though think their starting to wonder why I'm so happy at the moment haha! Hope everyone has a nice day!

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i am bored of waiting to, i am 16w 5d with my first so still have over half way to go and am very impatient at the best of times but i know the wait will def be worth it. I am 24 and telling my parents made me nervous, i even cried even though i knew their reaction wouldn't be a negative one so i think that's a natural feeling to have. Its gd to hear your happy and doing well, i am feeling like that now but between 8-14 weeks i was quite ill with sickness and me and food fell out of love which for me i never thought wud happen but am making up for lost time now! take care x


Its a nightmaree! Aww nice one darling happy for you:) got a docs appointment on the 11th of aprill for more bloods:( aw I'm impatient but yeh it will be worth it! Aww am only 16:( am so scared! They'll chuick me out:( aww good to know ur okay! X


I have 34 weeks to go it feel like such a drag arrghh cant wait wish I coild sleep for 7 months haha :))


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