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33 weeks today 28/3/13 7 weeks left until my baby boy is here

Can't believe I only have 7 weeks left of feeling my babies kicks and movements inside me and then he will be out in the world for everyone to see. This pregnancy has gone so quick but it has not been plane sailing I did have a few concerns and worries at the start of the pregnancy but everything was fine the saying is right no two pregnancies are the same. With my daughter I had constant high blood pressure from 23 weeks and I was back and forwards in and out of hospital due to the high blood pressure I didn't have morning sickness or anything with her. With this pregnancy I had a few concerns at the start and had very bad morning sickness but once I got to 23 weeks everything was fine apart from having heartburn and very itchy skin and a lot of hair on my belly I can't wait until baby is here as I have been advised by my consultant that the hair will disappear once I have had him.

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