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What is this pain? Braxton hicks?

For he last few days my lowers abdomen (below my belly button to my pubic bone) has been fairly sore/ tender to touch, especially bending down, getting up fom the settee, so I thought round ligament pain!

That was untill the last five hours!

The tenderness is mainly on my left side of my lower abdomen, hurt when I was doing anything today, so in the end I laid down went to sleep for two hours. Pain wasn't so bad, but still there!

So for the last few hours I have been getting waves of pain/ uncomfortableness feeling, slight tightening and feels like baby doing. Disco, pain comes from the left side and joins up like a band accross my lower abdomen, been having lots of these, is this a braxton hick contraction?

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Braxton hicks shouldn't be that painful, well they weren't for me, just tightening, and then relaxing, and shouldn't have tenderness all the time, think u need to get checked out again hun, do u feel like it's not right?


Yeah it feels odd, off to the mau in the morning again! Baby is going mad tonight very awake lol


It does sound unusual for braxton hicks to be fair. Do u have a good threshold for pain. at times we can misunderstood something like streching pains to be more serious (I know I do at times).

When i was pregnant with my son in 2008 I would always get a sort of muscle pain in my legs & then it would travel up to my lower abdomen. "So annoying".

He turned out to be fine but it didn't stop me from worrying.

GOOD LUCK for tomorrow (let us know what they say)


Definitely get it checked. I have unexplained period pains that last hours rather than minutes at this stage (37 weeks tomorrow) it worries me. Squiggly always ok when I've checked but certainly recommend mau. Keep us up to date. xxx


I agree with Babymother and Abenaa that it sounds a bit painful to be Braxton Hicks. I (at 29 weeks) have the tightening sensation very often, particularly when walking uphill for some reason, but it quickly goes away, and I wouldn't describe it as 'pain' as such. I certainly wouldn't have had to go to bed with it. I would get it checked out. Any you taking any new medications for your diabetes / anaemia? Could it just be a reaction to them? All the best xx



Iron tablets I reckon I have constipation, although I go everyday it's different now I'm on the tablets, so giving hem. Rest to see if pain eases :)


just be careful I didn't take my iron cos they made me feel sick, and a midwife said just take black strap molasses as they are made in iron pots so have iron in it so I did, has an emergency section and my bloods were 6.7 the midwife who was there asked me about my iron and I told her what the other midwife had said she went mad and said it was another blood count that was also low, so big lesson learnt, I had a heart murmur and they wanted me to have a transfusion which I refused, luckily by 3 weeks I was fine they were amazed, would not take the risk again, so please don't stop taking them altogether for too long, and if it is causing the pain make sure u speak to your midwife to see what other options there are xx


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