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Weather woes

Just read that the jet-streams bringing milder western weather are now diverted and snow-snowish conditions would go on until end of April - followed by a rather wet summer in most of UK.

Gosh - something in me kind of died with the idea of no strong summers and I so want to escape right away to a sunny island even if its just for a week - any near-by suggestions ? (I mean in Europe) the closest i am finding is the vacation trip to Shram-al-Sheikh

And yup my right ear is kind of like frosted.

I need some tips to survive winters i guess - especially with so much happening inside my body and head (my baby kept fluttering whole night yesterday, is there something called too much movement?)

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egypt is about 4 hours on a plane, and not sure If its 28 or32 weeks u will need a letter from ur Dr saying u are fit to fly, Spain is only a couple of hours on a plane and lovely and warm fromnow, my friend lives there ands has posted pictures of her and her children in the sunshine in t-shirts already!!! :-)


oh! yeah I was thinking of it too - I hope it still stays like this post April 11th . Really really need sun !


My father in law lives in Sardinia, and they usually have nice weather in April - warm, but not too hot. If you need a doctor's certificate depends on the airline. Throughout my pregnancy I used to fly with Germanwings once a month, and they take pregnant women until they are 36 weeks. No doctor's certificate needed, all you need there is your pregnancy book to prove how far you are (not that anyone ever wanted to know :) ) But you usually find that information on the airline's website.


Marrakech is close - only a few hours by plane, is a beautiful place with some great hotels with lovely pools :-)


thanks ladies for the lovely suggestions, oh! I so want to be in Sun :) . Waiting for exams to be over by 11th April and I would be so glad to take that well deserved vacation - until than I can keep having more suggestions !

Today also seemed a little sunny here in Edi (although its just inside the building when you sit across the nice big window) Hope the sun is coyly smiling at all of you too :)


Lanzarote is meant to be nice. A friend has just got back from Malta where he goes this time each year and normally has nice weather but says it's bitter out there - colder than southern England!

Would love some warmer weather soon -everytime I go out in the cold (no matter how wrapped up) my boobs start to really really hurt, but much as I'd love to I can't just stay in.


hahahaha - thats like my story anywhere I went in last 16 months, cold weather kind of followed me. And before that i was in 40 -45 degrees getting marinated and hot weather was following me for 2 whole years, ah but evenings were really perfect than, though my hair went to look like hay straws !!


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