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dont know what to do!!! 40+5days!!

Hi everyone,

quick question - I was in early labour on Monday morning from about 1am! Having contractions every 3-4 mins in my back as apparently I am having a back to back labour from the way she is positioned! Anyways they sent us home as I was only 1-2 cm dilated-well since about 6ish Monday evening I haven't had anymore contractions and my labour has stalled!! U can imagine I have been a little hormonal and upset by all this as just wanted her here especially when it seemed like it was happening!

I have tried calling and texting my midwife today and have heard absolutely nothing back from her at all. I just wanted to see what they could do i.e if she could stretch and sweep me or book me in for an inducement as i am so fed up. Also there has been alot less movement from buba in the last couple of days, but it has been more than 10 times a day so im not worrying about that too much! i Just want her here!! i just dont know what to do now??

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Definatley get the midwife to do a sweep to get you moving again! Can't believe she hasn't rang you back! Go to the hospital saying movement has lessened I would not wait,at least get monitored :). Good luck hopefully she will be here soon:)


oh no nightmare! Labour can be like that but its only when ur waters go do they take more notice! but the fact ur 40 weeks plus u would of thought they would of helped get u going, I agree with skyblue, and I would fib and say u haven't felt ur 10 movements so they tell u to go in the fact ur midwife hasn't called back is terrible!! don't always rely on them go by ur instincts mums instinct is very important!!


oh no!

Yes i agree with Skyblue boston's comment Call your midwife back & tell her you are on your way back to the hospital because the baby's movement has reduced since Monday's Lil scare and you want a sweep A.S.A.P.

You can't give up hun. at times some health care professionals need to be reminded of they're job.



lol - it wasnt even the same midwife i see every appt as the one i saw on Monday at the hospital. Tomorrow i will be calling her non stop i can assure you to get a bloody answer as to what is happening. It really has made me lose faith in my midwife and what she hasnt done for me!! very!!

I didnt even have a Diabetes test until 38 weeks would u believe because they didnt think i would need one! i understand i dont have have a family history of it, but my other half does and also my BMI was 34.5 when last checked!! think i should have been given one quite a while back!!

also feel like they havent even asked me about where i want to have my baby - or talked through the options as thoroughly as i would like. I know i should most probs spk up about it and ask, but when its your first im a bit more of thought that i should be lead with what they think is best etc.


some midwives are too friend gave birth to her twins at 30 weeks she told them she was in Labour. they didn't believe her finally told her to go in and she ended up delivering the first one herself!!!! so always er on the side of caution, the good ones are attentive and listen to you and care!



mariacorbs in which hospital thats happen with u


Like Skyblue said, get yourself down the hospital and fane less movement. Hopefully the hospital staff will attend to you, offer you a sweep and maybe book an induction. Not long now Hun! Stay positive, the end is in sight. :) Best of luck, keep us updated if you can. X x x


Get checked out - unfortunately in these situations, it can be a case of she who shouts loudest...

Then... Have lots of sex, eat a hot curry and all those other old wives faves... :-). Good luck!! Xxx


Ring the pregnancy assessment unit at your hospital if you cannot get hold of your midwife dont wait until she returns your call if you have left messages.

Get straight on to the maternity ward they may want to take you back in to keep check on the baby.


Hello love.

One thing to remember is that the more stressed you are the less likely you are to labour. When you stress your body releases a hormone called cortisol and also releases adrenaline. Both of these are antoganists to oxytocin, the hormone which causes your contractions. Therefore the more stressed you are the less oxytocin you will have. All animals have this, for example if a bear is labouring in the wild and suddenly sees a predator it can instantlty stop its labour by releasing adrenaline and cortisol just like we do. I understand early labour can feel like forever but truely the best thing you can do is try and relax, have a bath, watch a film, have cuddles and try your best to stimulate your oxytocin.

Take Care.


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