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Placental abruption

Hi, I'm 9 weeks pregnant with my 2nd, my first baby was delivered by emergency c section at 39 weeks. I was sick a few times one morning and went to hospital to be monitored. I was due to have an overnight stay for them to keep an eye on me but suddenly my baby stopped moving around so they sent me straight for surgery (having had no labour). When she was delivered they found I'd had a placental abruption. I didn't have any bleeding and no other signs of being unwell except being sick a few times earlier that day, but apparently they could tell the placenta had been coming away for a while as some of the blood had dried. I've never smoked or taken drugs, but did get slightly high bp during pregnancy. I am concerned for this pregnancy that the same may happen again and as I had no real warning signs, it could be more serious this time, we have been told we were very lucky first time as we could have lost her! Any advice or similar stories would be much appreciated!! Thank you!

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Hi my Brother's girlfriend had a similar experience. Her placenta got infected and baby stopped growing around 22 weeks they gave her steroids to help baby develop at 24 weeks & 5 days they started her off & she gave birth to a baby girl weighing 1.10lbs. midwifes said it was one of the worse placenta infections she had ever seen!!! she was very very poorly. shes 6 months old now coming out of hospital next week. she has a lung problem but shes come so far. weighing 11.8lbs now. just thought i would share this with you. at one point we thought we had lost her but she fought it and shes fit and healthy on oxygen till shes 2 but point being shes here & shes perfect. Try not to worry every pregnancy is different. Congratulations & good luck. xx


Thanks for your response, and what an incredible (but scary) story! It's amazing what babies are capable of getting through! I do keep thinking every pregnancy is different but it's just difficult not to worry! Thanks again! Xx


I know what you mean. i am 7 weeks pregnant i had a previous miscarriage and i am always worrying not as bad as i was but its still at the back of my mind my scan isn't till 3 weeks. i just want to put my mind at rest and enjoy it but finding it hard.

My Niece is coming out Hospital on Wednesday! were all excited and cant wait to throw a little tea party for her. My mum made the Nurses a Easter Hamper Basket from Baby to Thank them! So cute! Every pregnancy is different but when you've had a bad experience its hard to over come the fear. If you ever want a chat/moan feel free to message me! Try to relax :) xxx


Thanks ever so much that's so kind of you! Im so pleased your niece is coming out of hospital, I bet you are all so excited!! I've just had the date of my scan and its not for another 2 and a half weeks which seems so long away...I hate this waiting when all you want to know is that everything's fine. I hope your scan goes well and try not to worry as well, we do put ourselves through a hard time don't we!! Xx


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