hurry up april

I am 16w 4d with our first child, I want april to hurry up, I have my midwife appointment on the 9th where she will be able to hear the heartbeat then on 22nd I have my 5 month scan, I haven't seen my baby since 25th feb which feels ages ago so am really looking forward to hearing and seeing the munchkin. I am feeling so much better and not being or feeling ill as it was starting to get me down as about a month ago I couldn't see this time coming as I was so tearful as I couldn't eat dinner or even make dinner as it made me feel ill but now I feel much happier. I cant wait now to feel these flutters but I know could be a couple of weeks away yet. hope all u other parents to be are well :)


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  • I was excited to get to this stage, it was great seeing how big baby was and finding out the sex:) a little boy xx

    I started feeling flutters at 17 weeks and since then very hard kicks ouch!

  • Thats great hun you seem much better and happier.i'm the same.slowly starting to enjoy this pregnancy.i'm 19weeks so my scan is on 9th april.cant wait,i'm counting down.i've gone bit mad with shopping...i didnt want to yet but we went to toys'r'us with our son and i've seen beautiful cot and a baby swing and just couldnt leave it.but it was on sale as well so thats my excuse lol.april soon will come...but it could hurry up lol.good luck with your appointment and scan xx

  • Oh i forgot to say:i started feeling flutters from 17weeks and 2weeks later gentle kicks.mainly in the evening when its time to go sleep lol.hope that baby wont keep me awake all the time lol.i've got angelsound doppler so i can hear hb every day and at this stage is so easy to find it.maybe get one for you so you can feel even closer to your son loves it and feels so involved.i've got mine on ebay cheap but i've seen one in home bargains for £8 :)

  • ahh, I am going to have a surprise I think, I did want to find out the sex but have since changed my mind. I haven't bought anything yet as am moving house soon so wont get anything till I am in my new home but have already got some bargains lined up by family/friends which is nice. I think I will look at getting one of them Dopplers but once I hav had my apt. I just hope it starts to get warmer soon as all my big jumpers don't feel to big anymore and at least with my summer clothes they are more flowy and quite loose. x :)

  • So you'll be very busy least time will fly for you.i'm on sick note since january and cant do too much ...i bought unisex things just in case if they cant say what we having.i was gonna have a surprise but changed my mind now.its a miracle baby anyway.just cant wait.its a shame that after 20weeks scan you have to wait another 20to see your baby.knowing myself i'll probably get a private scan at 30weeks cos 5months thats a long long time...xx

  • I'm happy your appointment is getting sooner, my 1st appointment to see my midwife is the 1st of may. I'm so anxious i really don't know what to do with myself.

    hope everything goes well!


  • ahh thank u. don't be worried or anxious, if I ever found myself with some time on my hands I went swimming this way I didn't sit there thinking about everything and it was gd exercise. Hope ur apt goes well,, take care x

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