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Bit concerned about pain

Hi ladies I'm 27 and half weeks now and past couple of days iv been having bad pains in my stomach, today they are so bad I'm stuck in bed and haven't been able to go to work, last night I woke up from a nap and had a small wet patch in my undies I don't know what it was but I wasn't too worried it wasn't bloody or anything just looked like water patch, but the pains are agony today I have had one paracetamol but I'd rather not having to keep taking em any ideas ? Xx

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think you should ring your midwife asap sounds like you need to be seen...x


I would ring your midwife or local maternity unit. Just before Christmas i was the same, around 24-25 weeks but i have cysts on my left ovary so when i phoned up they told me to rest and take two paracetamol. They said mine was either growing pains or the cysts. This is my third pregnancy but never had problems with my other two but didn't have cysts either. After a two days it went and occasionally returns but not has bad. Think my boy was just playing football.


I would endorse the above, and recommend going to see your midwife as soon as you can - it's probably fine but since it's been going on a while now it's best to have it checked out. Also, I should stress that I don't know much about this, but if the discharge is more than normal, I think you also need to rule out that you're not leaking amniotic fluid. All the best xx


Mmm sounds a bit odd, by the way a few times now I woke up with a little wet patch and even had fluid rush out of me! Like I had just wet myself, had back pain and didn't feel well at all.

So went to the mau, they were very helpful, this is what they told me the following:

Amniotic fluid leak will ave no smell, but usually is a constant trickle, or gush if I was to be leaking, plus I would normally wet a pad.

Thrush was the culprit for me, I had no external itching, but I got a lot more discharge watery with no smell, but sometimes changing to a slight cream colour, it caused my knickers to be constantly wet, I had a pessary and now I don't have any of these symptoms:)

With thrush it caused me back pain which radiated to the front, this is because thrush can cause a harmless but annoying irritable uterus.

Get checked out, plus I was told by the doc and midwife taking paracetamol was completely safe in the usual doses,



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