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could i still be pregnant? think im nearly 13weeks

hey i really need some advice ive had 4 positive home pregnacy tests they were all faint i went to my gp and their test came up negative my hcg level at 7weeks pregnant was 0.6 i got them done again a few weeks later and it was still 0.6. i went to the hospital today they done a belly scan for literally 2mins, i feel i am pregnant even my belly is swollen like i am. im so considerably confused. i hope someone will b able to give me some advice. :)

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what did the scan show? x


This is a tricky one. You said you had a scan at your local hospital "what did it show" at 7 wks pregnant the scan is usually strong enough to pick up a heart beat (at least).

I guess the most obvious question is have you had a period lately?.


What did the scan show, at 13 weeks you will see a fully developed bouncing baby:)

0.6 is negative for hcg so surely your hcg levels would be higher?


Ok so between 8-11 weeks hcg levels reach thier peak, then stay t roughly the same level for the remainder of the pregnancy.

To see a sac on the scan your hcg evens would have to have reached 1,000 minimum.

25 miu is considered very early pregnancy, this is when a clear blue test will say positive.

13 weeks pregnant minimum level of hcg is 13,300.

Hopefully you reply would be good to hear what you saw and what your levels are.:)


Hi ttccxx, I had a blood test taken at 6 weeks and my hcg levels were 2000. I had a further blood test a week later at 6 weeks 5 days and they had gone up to 20,000. I had an early pregnancy scan at 6weeks 6 days and we seen the babies heart beat.

I bet you are really confused, I hope they find out what is going on in there for you for peace of mind. So I take it you have missed your period then hence doing to home pregnancy test?? it might be a cyst on your ovaries that has caused the irregular period??


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