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Sharp shooting pains

Has anyone else had or getting sharp shooting pains. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and for a few days I have been experiencing shooting pains through my vagina I have already got a 4 year old daughter but didn't experience anything like this that I can remember when carrying her so not sure if this is something to be worried about or now

I can still feel baby moving and haven't had any bleeding although I am having more heavier clear discharge than normal although discharge is very common through all stages of pregnancy.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hiya, wow the exact same thing happened to me at week 20, I went to the mau, they thought it might me a uti so I was out on cephalexin for one week, the pain went away but the increased white discharge continued.

This happened again! The outcome was that I had thrush internally, coz I was not itching outside, so I was given a Pesary and cream,and now I'm back to normal, no pain and discharge is not so much.


Aw thanks for that, maybe worth a trip to the doctors then do you think?

Is it safe to use canisten pesary from the chemist, I could just buy some over the counter.

My doctors is a nightmare to get appointments with. I'll but a sample in at the docs to be tested just incase I do have a UTI i did get them frequently when pregnant with my first child so not unusual.

Thanks again



Hiya, yes safe to use a canestan Pesary and cream, I was given this at the maternity assessment unit by the doc :)

Yes visit the doc or midwife and have a sample of urine taken, just to see if you test positive for a uti.



think you might have thrush. i have reoccuring thrush due to medication im on so nothing is helping mine. but i had exactly the same shooting pains and as my urine was being monitored consistantly when i was on the ward in the hospital it was clear it was thrush. x


Brilliant thank you think I will get myself some thrush treatment and take a sample in to be tested for a UTI, cant do any harm.


Julie x


Another thing.. as ur baby is growing bigger ur body inside is stretching I get these all the time I dont have trush I also get them up my bum .makes me jump as they are sharp and shocking but its ur body stretching and expanding as the baby is putting pressure on ur front and back or maby u could have thrush but there is nothing to worry about ur baby is fine good luck :)


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