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another c-section or normal?

I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my second child and my first birth was quite hard - emergency c-section due to pre-eclampsia. What I really want to know is, am I likely to have a c-section with this one? I don't see my consultant until the end of may and I'm starting to worry! Does anyone else have any experience of this? I have been told that due to my past history it is more likely that I will be recommended to have an elective c-section. Any advice or experiences appreciated!

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hi, my sister in law was the very same as you, so she had emergency C-section, with her 1st child,

she now has another child which she had a normal labour with :)

its not always the case that you will have to get a section again,

they might recommend for you to have one but the choice is up to you,obviously you will choose the safest 1.

just wait & see what the consultant says then you will know better,

everyones bodys are different,

good luck & hope everything is fine, try not to worrie about it X


I had emergency with my now 3yo and am now 18 weeks with my second! Not spoke to any docs yet only friends who have been in the position. Out of 4 I can think of right now only 1 tried 4 vback and ended up with 2nd emergency she said it was worse than 1st time, the other 3 all went selective and said the experience was a much better 1 ! I know the reason for 1 was small pelvis so she was told section, 1 had 10.3lb 1st baby and 2nd was likely to b bigger so advised section with 2nd , 1 baby was in a bad position and after many hrs of labour didnt move to a good position , 2nd baby was presinting in same position as 1st so she was left to decide and went elective , I don't know details on 1 who had the 2 emergencies. Docs couldn't give me a reason specifically but he had pooed and came out with an infection , I had had dia morphine and was on a patocin drip as my waters went but contractions weren't strong enough. I didn't get past 4 cm and he had dramatic deceleration so they had to get him out.

From what I know if u try for vback u go in with the same odds as having a section as u did the 1st time! Ur situation may be different if u didn't labour . Also the success rate is better for vback if you had a successful natural birth b4 section .

For me the fear of ending up in another emergency outweighs the desire to birth naturally but if I was in your position and was taken for elective for medical reasons then providing I wasn't in the same position and given the choice I would consider vbac.

If ur undecided listen to docs advice but iv heard / read somewhere that they push for trying vbac as it costs more for section! Which makes sense but sure they wouldn't put u or baby at unnecessary risk .


Hello love

Im sorry to hear that your last birth was a little complicated and im sure a little overwhelming at the time. Your consultant will always do what is best for you and your baby but consultant/ patient relationships are two ways and it is important for you to know what you would like. Take this time to right down you positive and negatives for natural birth and for c-section. VBAC (vaginal birth after cesearean) is possible and certainly if you don't have high blood pressure in this pregancy then there should be no reason why this isnt an option. Natural birth is by far the safest option in labour and a consultant needs to have a sufficent clinical reason to justify a c-section; so they should try and promote you towards a normal birth if it is possible. Normal birth is the best option if acheivebale and can be really empowering for a women. Think about your last experince, what would you like. Go to your copnsultant with an open mind but also a list of questions. Express your wants and concerns and they will do thier best to facilitate your choice.

All the best


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