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some advice

hi, im 16 weeks 2 days pregnant and I had some pain for about 10minutes on bottom left side of my stomach, it was agony I felt dizzy aswell, then it just disappeared and I feel fine now. has anyone had this pain?

I don't know if its just me growning as I know at this stage in pregnancy everything is growing fast and my body is changing, this is my 3rd pregnancy and I didn't have this with my other two, just wondering has anyone had this, thanks

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I had quite a lot pain in my stomach throughout my pregnancy and they all turned out to be nothing to worry about, but they always lasted longer and built up slowly. I'd suggest you call your midwife right away just to make sure it is nothing serious - it probably isn't, but I wouldn't take any risk here.

All the best!



Yes i've also experienced a few minutes of pain "usually around my bladder area" in the day-time at times. I try not to worry too much as it dosen't last for too long & i haven't experienced any other symtoms.

I guess it's just our bodies expanding to the baby's weight.


yeah I think its just my body expanding

as I haven't got or had anymore pain, im not to worried now as have no pain,

if it happens again I will phone straight away,

I have got a gender scan on Saturday so hopefully I see baby wriggling around and that will put my mind at rest.

thanks :)


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