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Hi Everyone.

Just a quick question, has anyone been to their sixteen week midwife appointment and been able to hear babies heartbeat?? I decided not to get one to use at home because being pregnant with twins I know if I struggle to pick up both hb's I would be even more worried. I just dont know what to expect, what if they cant find the heartbeats? The things we worry about, but with not having a scan for a few weeks and my next not being for another four weeks im relying on this appointment to ease my worries :)



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  • worries are always there but most likely she would find the heart beat else I think she would book you for an immediate scan if she cant. I went for my 16th week appointment and the heart beat was loud and clear it made me laugh (more because it sounded like horse running than a heart beat)

  • I'm sure it will be fine, i can understand your grief being pregnant with twins may be a Lil more difficult to find both heart beats. I'm sure the midwife will be qualified enough to spot any signs if she finds anything worrying.


  • Thanks everyone both babies found and hearts pumping great!!!! One happy mother xxxx

  • That's awesome Kazza :) xx

  • i havent had 16 week midwife appointment. ill have an 18 week one (im behind as been hospitalised for a few weeks) but my midwife came to see me in hospital and told me they dont listen to the babys heartbeat until im 22weeks. i was devastated as i would really love to hear it :( xx

  • Hi

    I had my scan last week (although I was 17 weeks at the time) I asked my midwife about listening to the heart beat & she told me it isnt common practise to offer this to mums-to-be anymore as they were experiencing a lot of women where they couldn't find the baby's heart beat, therefore sending people off to hospital Unnecessarily & causing worry when infact the baby may just be hiding! It isn't always possible to hear the heart beat at this stage. My midwife was nice though & said that aslong as I understood that we may not hear it, she would give it a go anyway. I am glad she did as after a bit of prodding around to find baby (it was tucked right down in my pelvis) we heard the heart beating. It is a worry when you have so long to wait between scans...I was thinking about getting a doppler to use at home myself to reassure me & my husband.

    I do think it is dependant upon the individual midwife whether they will do it or not?!?!

    Good Luck though! :)

  • Hi there.

    NICE which is the organisation which sets standards for maternity care does not suggest we listen to the heart beat for this very reason. You babies sheart beat will fluctuate so rapidly is is near impossible to have a single value. It is therfore not recommended practice to do so but many miswifes do it just for your benefit. Depending on your babies postion and size, especially so early in your pregancy, it is very hard to find a clear heartbeat. But i undertstand that it is nice and reassuring for you and so if you can afford to, a monitor of your own is nice. If you worry at any point dont however sit and wait. Contact your early pregnancy assessment unit or traiage line for help. Please try not to worry and enjoy your pregnancy.

    Take care

  • my 16 week apt is on 9th april but I will b nearly 19 weeks but she said she will see if we can listen to the babys heartbeat, I cant wait for that as like u said my last scan was 25th feb and next one isn't till 22nd april so I cant wait to hear the heartbeat to put my mind at rest. glad u feel much happier now I cant wait for tht feeling too x

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