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Baby slings? !!!

I'm really interested in buying a baby sling. But "surprise surprise" I've been reading the on-line comments & reviews on google search about there thoughts & concerns (I really need to stop doing this to myself)

obviously i've read a few horror story scenarios where the baby would be so close to the mother's breast the baby would be short of oxygen which led to fatal conquences. But i can't help thinking that these types of products also need to be used with quite a large amount of common sense.

I'd appreciate any comments "good, bad & ugly". because i think they're a good piece of equipment which can be used whilst on your feet looking after another child.

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I got a cloth one that you have to fold yourself, although there are plenty of videos on youtube to do this. I think i felt more in control of her position and she was in it all the time for the first 3 months. I got a stretchy material one though which was only useful when she was small. Apparently cotton or none stretch materials are better for longer term. I never went out of the house with it though as she was a winter baby and i worried about her on my coat. Look for Victoria Sling lady on youtube, she shows different positions and how they work. If you follow the instructions they're very safe. Best of luck. X


As far as I am aware issues with safety have been with 'bag' slings where they are shaped and elasticated at the top. I too had a stretchy wrap with 1st and will do same with 2nd. Your local NCT branch or surestart may have a sling group, you could go along and see a number of types in action! Good luck!


Hi! Just remember that there are horror stories about just about every baby related product on the market - from Moses baskets to car seats to dummies and baths. All should be researched and used with caution and care but as you say common sense is also necessary. I don't think it would take very long for a product to be removed from the shelves if it was causing death or serious injury to lots of infants.

I loved our baby sling - I had a cloth style one called a papoozle which was particularly good as my son was a heavy baby and it has a proper buckle around the waist which distributed his weight evenly across my hips. I went to the baby show where I was able to demo lots of different ones and just preferred the sling to the baby bjorn style carrier but that was purely personal.

I hope you find one you like! X


Hello, I agree with everything on here, but must say that I tooended up reading countless reviews and getting in a pickle with everything from baskets to monitors to carriers! I am having our second baby tomorrow - cant quite believe the day is here - i have woken up very excited and tearful (??). Anyway, I had a Bjorn carrier and also a sling. i didnt really get on with the sling but the bjorn carrier was brilliant. It kept my little one upright and supported his head and back and then he could face outwards when he was bigger. I may have preferred this one though as my baby boy suffered from quite severe silent reflux (didnt projectile vomit - but was in pain from the acid) so needed to be upright all of the time - even semi upright to sleep. This carrier seemed to distribute the weight well so I wasn't in pain and I could sit down with it on and carry out chores, whilst keeping him nicely supported and snuggled in.

At the end of the day though I think as long as its supportive, it's down to personal choice, although I have heard stories of issues with the elasticated opening ones - but have no personal knowledge of problems. If you have the time try to 'have a go' with a few models. Best of luck! X


Love my slings, wraps and carriers! Have had various ones with my first and looking forward to getting them back out for 2nd. I started with a ring sling as it seemed simple but didn't get on with it as I just didn't find it comfortable so moved on to a woven wrap which is basically a long length of cotton you wrap round you and baby and tie with lots of ways of doing it for different positions/carrys. Looks complicated to do but you soon get the hang of it. Then I got a mei tai which is a similar idea but less daunting and quicker to tie. Once she got to big for that I got an ergo which I still use now with her almost 2years old and me 5 months pregnant. I believe ergo now do a newborn insert so it can be used from birth. The woven, mei tai and ergo can all be used for front or back carrys, can even do side carrys with mei tai and woven wrap but not recommended as it puts unbalanced stress on your spine!

I would say beware of the Baby Bjorn type carriers as they can cause problems with baby's developing hips as they don't hold them in the right position ( Also some carriers say you can use them with baby facing out on your front but this is not advised as buts the wrong stresses on their spine!

Definitely recommend getting to a local sling meet/group/library often run alongside nct groups or at sure start centres as they have a full range and you can rent them for a month to try for just £1-5 (depending on area) so you know its comfortable before spending lots. Not all slings suit everyone, it very much depends on your stature and build, and baby will prefer some over others!

Also beware bargains on eBay and the like-some just are cheap knock offs and the stitching will come apart as it has not been done to the right standard which means you have to check their integrity VERY often or risk your baby falling. Quality is something you can't see in a photo and there are some very convincing copies of the big brands too so I would suggest always going to a reputable retailer.

Good luck, give it a go and I hope you enjoy your sling journey as much as I have :-)


Thanxs ladies for all your feedback, I'll definetely do my research. The baby isn't due until the end of October anyway so i have a good amount of time to shop around.



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