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Hi ladies

you may have heard that during the end of this year the U.S.A are going to stop importing all huggies nappies packs to concentrate on the wipes & other products such as pull-ups & etc.

In my view huggies are a much better brand than pampers or other supermarket brands "I'm gutted" . whenever i go shopping lately if i notice any value packs of huggies nappies i just feel the need to buy them

I'm still only in the 1st trimester" of my 2nd pregnancy so i feel a Lil insane right now" but i just LOVE huggies nappies.

Is anyone else feeling a simular impluse to buy them "when seen" because apprently once they've gone they gone.

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  • lol it's prob cos u know that will be it, id be the same probably, I prefer pampers personally and I would buy them up if I knew they were going out of production...I'm shocked they are doing that as I would of thought they made more money on nappies than pull ups!

  • I thought so to, But anything goes nowadays.

  • I dont even know N of Nappies yet - I would let myself discover and for that matter buy a pack of huggies too in case its going off from UK market (just for later comparisons or regrets for not buying more :P)

  • In my opinion huggies nappies absorb more wee & those runny poo's "espicially in those early months.

    But yeah try it for yourself & see (I bet you'll be just as sad as me to see huggies go)

  • I started off with Huggies, then Pampers, now the supermarket brands do us just fine on our 16 mnth old. We spent the first year using cloth tho and only stopped with going back to work... And also the issue of finding trousers to fit over them now, lol! But i miss using the cloth nappies loads and can't wait to get on the way with our second child so i can get them back out again. Guess it's whatever you get used to. :)

  • When I had my first son my friends got me this present called a Nappy cake, it was tiered like a wedding cake but in nappies instead of cake (gutted it wasn't chocolate cake though:-)) I personally didn't like the huggies and have never used them since. I just buy supermarket own for both mine and they do just as good a job than the main brands.

  • Best brand I have found is asdas littles angels no leakeages at all from 3months wnen I started using them untill my daughter came out of them they was great brought the same 1s for 2nd daughter x

  • Liked huggies till size 3 then went to pampers as found huggies Quite stiff after that ! I've tried asda little angels as they didn't have pampers in the size I needed and thought the absorption was poor ! My son was about 18mts and slept a good 12 hrs every night , rarely did he leak out of pampers baby dry but leaked alot without fail with asda 1s to the point I didn't use them at all at bed time but in the day time only just to get them use up. I love huggies wipes! And little swimmers.

  • yeah im gutted about huggies going of the market. have bought a few packs but have decided to use cloth for my second. but i do keep getting the impulse to buy packs! used huggies as much as possible with my son and still use the pull ups. Still have to move on, but i'll only be using own brands as i dont think pampers are good enough for the money they charge. still i have lovely cloth nappies to try this time round.

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