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9 weeks and lost all my symptoms! Is this normal?

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Im 9 weeks today and over the last few days all my symptoms seem to have eased off. i was starting to get a bit of a tummy which was hard but all of a sudden its gone soft. i was hungry all the time and that seems to have eased of as well. my sickness has eased of as well. i just don't feel very pregnant at the moment and am scared it could mean i may lose the baby soon. im not bleeding but am very worried.

Is this normal right now?

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the placenta tales over at 9weeks so u may not feel as rough as u did I'm 9 weeks and even thou I still feel rough I do feel better than I did, are ur boobs still sore? my tummy is not to bad in the mornings but by the evenings I look 5 months pregnant!

and I've had somedays where I feel better than others, yesterday not so bad today not so good!

Thank you for that. i didn't know that about the placenta. i just assumed you'd feel awful through the whole first trimester.

Yeah, my boobs are still very sore and im still ridiculously tired but i was worried that things had changed all of a sudden.

Thank you again. x

Sounds to me like everything is probably ok. Your tummy is lightly to be soft most of the time in these early stages since the baby is so small at the moment you wont always be able to feel its there. I'm Weeks into my second pregnancy the first one was alot easier than this one, I've been ill with sickness and pains from the start where as with my first child I had sickness for the first 8 weeks than nothing there after.

I wouldn't worry to much as long as your not in pain or / and bleeding.

If your overally worried than speak to your GP but If I was you I would enjoy having no awful symptoms and watch out for your bump gradually growing over the next few months. Good luck xx

Hi the same happened with me from eight ish weeks and all was fine - some people just have an easier pregnancy than others do but when symptoms ease all they do is make you worry more, crazy or what. We're never happy! Still having sore boobs is a good sign as when I had a missed miscarriage my boobs stopped being sore too.

Congratulations and good luck xxx

All I can say is enjoy it! I'm 6w and 5 days and feel awful! Haha!

Lets hope I'm as lucky as you in the next couple of weeks!

You've not got long to wait till your scan, so I'm sure all will be perfect! :)

If you are feeling unusally worried try to note down any baby movements mentally. As every woman & every pregnancy is different it could just mean your body has started to adjust better to the changes going on

I'm about 9 wks with my 2nd child & i dont feel much in the day "plus my tummy feels really soft" but by night i'm sure i can feel very light "stroking" like butterfly sensations as well as my tummy feeling slightly harder each night.

Thank you all for your supportive feedback. its all really helped. i feel a little more at ease about it all. there's no signs of bleeding at all and im stil really feeling a little sicky, just not as bad as i was.

I hope you get over the worst of it soon duppy. apart from the tiredness, nothing hit me till 6 weeks and then felt like death all the time. I was expecting to feel like that a lot longer though.

God i hope everything is ok though. I'll feel better when i get my scan in a couple of weeks. thank you again. xxx

Honestly 5 years later and this post is still helping lol I have been worried with fear an I'm 8weeks an 5 days an my first snookums at 30 I was a thinking the worse like maybe I shouldn't rub my belly an tell our snookums we loooove them soo much so much..so blessed for this blog page its almost better then the pregnancy app


I dint had any serious symptoms at all during my first trimester - the placenta must have started to do its job and also, you might have got a little more used to your own craving and eating schedule.

I was worried too, and I did went hungry for a morning - result was bad nausea (worse than i ever had during the whole time)

think positive :) (i know its hard, but that is also a little important)

Hey there. I'm also 9 weeks today & was just thinking the exact same thing this morning! I'm so glad you've asked this question. I was fairly sure that I was going to feel like hell during the first trimester & infact i'm pretty sure i've gotten off lightly. I did have horrid nausea for a couple weeks but that's now calmed right down & my eating seems to be getting back to normal compared to wanting to demolish anything that stayed still long enough. The boobs don't seem quite so sore although they're really flippin firm at the mo & still a little sensitive. Glad all of this appears to be normal. I wake up some days & convince myself i'm not even pregnant! Just can't wait till the scan can confirm it. I think butterfly1mich we should consider ourselves quite lucky at this stage :)

Im 10+3 and the past few days ive felt so much better! I had 3 weeks of constant sickness and tiredness and had sore boobs before id even missed my first period! Now its settling down, sickness is less frequent, tiredness is really easing and sore boobs are nearly none existent - unless i lay on my front! still suffering with headaches and mood swings tho, but i can safely say im enjoying every moment :-) cant wait for my scan in just over a week. x

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