Low lying placenta

I had to have a growth scan this week.

Although the growth was all recorded as normal, which was such a relief, they did find that my placenta, which has previously been recorded as high back wall, is now partially blocking my cervix. This has happened since my last scan at 29 was and I'm now 33 was.

Does anyone know how likely it s to move back? And what would have happened if I hadn't been sent for the growth scan, how would they have known this had happened?


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8 Replies

  • Great that baby is doing well.

    Your placenta continually moves throughout pregnancy, mine was high back is now at the front,.

    They my re scan you nearer 37 weeks to make sure its moved away again, if they don't and lets say it covers your cervix completely, then when you go into labour you will begin to bleed straight away , from this they will then realise your placenta is in the way by doing an internal or scan, then you would have to have a c-section.

    I would ring your midwife and ask what and how they will check so see if the placenta has moved before labour.

  • Thanks Skyblueboston.

    I have had an appointment through to see a consultant in a couple of weeks. The way they were taking they made it sound as though it was unlikely to move again, so I was curious to see if anyone else had experienced this?

    Apparently it is common for the placenta to move up during pregnancy, until about 30 weeks, then it settles.

    I'm just tring hard to think in a 'what will be, will be' approach, main thing is baby is doing ok, which was such a relief.


  • I had a low lying placenta picked up at 20 weeks, it was still low lying at 36 weeks so I was booked in for a c section. I was really upset by this as I'd been hoping for a natural

    Home birth. The hospital agreed to do one last scan at 38 weeks but told me it was unlikely to move again. At the 38 week scan it had moved, just far enough from my cervix to allow for normal (hospital) delivery. If I were you I would push for a late scan as there is always a chance it can move as your uterus is growing all the time.

  • hi Amanda, I know you wrote this post ages ago but I am in the same position as you were at 36 weeks. just wondering if you think you did anything different, lost weight, ate healthy, stretched or exercised? id be so relieved for it to move at last minute

  • My sister and boss both had low lying placentas. They both had rescans at36 & 37 weeks and they both had moved and have birth naturally. I hope this helps.

  • Thanks all! That sounds hopeful! Cx

  • My placenta has also been low most of the pregnancy.I am now 30 weeks pregnant and booked for a 35 week scan...what will be will be! as long as the little one is fine am happy:)

  • Hi marinapol,

    God luck for your next scan. Yes baby being well is most important, fingers crossed we'll both be know where we stand, one way or another in a few weeks time.


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