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Two negatives but no period and some possible symptoms...could I be pregnant??

Ok...I'm not trying to get pregnant but came off the pill for various reasons in February. I had a normal bleed afterwards and then had unprotected sex with my partner about 2 weeks after I stopped pill and around day 12 of my cycle (used withdrawal method). About 3 or 4 days later I noticed I had a lot more milky/watery cm than normal. About a week after the unprotected sex I started to feel cramping and had lower back ache even though my period was not due for another 10 days. I feel more tired than fact often I feel I could just put down my head and sleep at all times of the day. I've also been having a lot of indigestion and sore tingly breasts on and off. I am now 5 days late on my period and have had on and off cramping, lower back pain and sore breasts. All could be pmt I realise but no period and the "symptoms" have come and gone and actually were less on the days when period was due. I have taken two HPT's but both were negative. I took one on period due day and one yesterday. Do you think I still could be pregnant? I've taken tests in the past and when I've had a negative I've always put it straight out of my mind but for some reason at the moment it's all I can think about so I keep thinking that's a sign that I am...womens intuition etc! Going to make a docs appointment asap but really just want an answer right now! Thanks!

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I think going to your GP is the best way forward. Coming off the pill can cause your body to behave differently with your cycle for a few months. When I came off the pill (a long time ago now) it would take at least 3 months before my periods were what I would consider normal and there was definitely some leeway with when my period would arrive. Anything is possible it is true but really your GP can give you the answers you need. Good luck.


Yeah i agree.go to your gp as maybe if you are pregnant,you to early for the test to detect it.i was on the pill for years,then i had an impant for a year,then mini pill.after laparoscopy last may (they drained cysts from my ovarys) my surgeon put me on cilest for 4months.i've quit last october...end of november i got pregnant!!!i didnt know till end of december.well i suspected something as my boobs were so sore,had little cramping and period pains as well and my skin has change(had spots on my face when normally i

dont).so anything is possible.i've been told it could take as few years to get pregnant after being on the pill and now i'm 19weeks.go to your dr definitely and good luck xx


Thanks for the info ladies. I am going to the doc tomorrow but further to the info I have put above I had a little spotting yesterday morning, very dark brown blood and only a little. Then I took another test in the eve and it was positive! As I said I am not trying to get pregnant so it wouldn't be ideal so I had a very stressful bad nights sleep (think I got three hours at the most!) then when I tested again in the morning it was negative?! I'm now totally confused. I'm also bleeding a little this evening so worried that I'm miscarrying...which is even more stressful than the idea of being pregnant. I know I need to stop stressing as I'm sure that not helping but I just wondered if anyone could shed some light?


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