Is it happening again?

So im now 6 weeks going into 7 pregnant after a miscarriage back in December and it was a awful experience. When i had my appoitnment with the midwife, i did mention that i had some bleeding. Then it was a brownish colour that was only a lttle bit. The midwfe notice blood in my urine anyway due to me having to give a urine sample. Since then ive had a week of bleeding that now seems to be a pinkish colour, but with some red bits. I have no pain at all except from the odd very mild period pain that usually comes at night that lasts for about 5 seconds and thats it. I plan on going to my gp tommorow after work a i just want to make sure verything is ok. I went toilet this morning and noticed a little blood clot, which has me worried. I wear a pad and the blood doesnt ven fill up a pad. Im worried as when i had a miscarriage, it started off with bleeding, so im worried it could occur again. The midwife said i will kept a close eye on anyway and that bleeding can be normal in pregnancy, but i really dont wanna lose another child. Im so worried and emotional, its annoying me. I try and be calm but its hard. I just dont want any bad news. If anyone can settle my mind or any experiences or advice, it will be much appreciated. I am trying to stay positvr, but it is hard x

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  • Hun, scrap work tomorrow and get yourself down to the early pregnancy unit and get scanned. Get your progesterone levels checked and also your hcg to make sure both are nice and high.

    Yes women bleed throughout pregnancy and have a healthy baby:)

    Are you bleeding around the date your period should ave been?

  • Can i just go straight there or do i have to go through my gp? Ill ask them to check everything! No my period wouldnt of been due untill next week. Ive been told people bleed throughout, but im just worried tbh. Im trying not to but it is hard like hell. Just hope the little one is strong. If i get a scan, would they even be able to see anything as im only 6 going on 7 weeks? Am i just worrying uneccesarily? Does my symptoms sound bad? Sorry for all the questions!

  • That fine Hun ask away! I'm my area I can just walk in, they will scan you and take blood.

    At 6 weeks you will seethe heartbeat I did:) it starts at six weeks.

    No your not worrying unnecessarily, the fact you say there was a clot, and its become more red,sounds like something to be investigated.

    Tbh I'm not sure if your symptoms are bad or not, for me when I miscarried I had bright red blood just a couple of drops then came some cramping, period pains, had a scan and the hb had stopped. Then had an op.

    I hope it isn't bad news, Hun keep me posted, but forget work and just get this sorted. Fingers crossed for you xxxx

  • I will defo go and see whats up. Just hope everything is ok. My miscarraige started like that. Ill see what they say and keep you posted. Thanks very much for your help and advice, much appretiated :) x

  • That's ok Hun xxx

  • Hi must be terrified.having one mc you think the worse dont you.but every pregnancy is different and maybe you like me.i keep bleeding every so wasnt even spotting.on three occasions i've lost loads of blood(you could probably fill a point of glass).i was shaking seeing it and even now i'm scared to go to the toilet in case if i see any blood again.every time when i had a bleeding i went to baby unit.only when it was light bleeding i've seen my gp so he could listen to 6-7 they'll be to see'd need check if you wont need to see your gp first to get a form for an early scan.dont think about work tomorrow.get checked out.hopefully everything is ok.and dont be scared of asking questions here.we all do it and its good to talk to others xx

  • Or go to A&E ASAP as you will be referred to early pregnancy unit for a scan.i had a miscarriage last August got pregnant again as well, at 6,7,8 weeks I was bleeding a little and had three scans all through going to A&E first.i hope everything goes well.xxxx

  • Yes A&E will help and put u as an emergency for the EPU tmw...or u can go to ur g.p in the morning...really hope everything is ok xx

  • Thankyou all for your comments/advice, i will take them on board. Been keeping an eye and the bleeding seems to have gone down, but i will still go to gp and early preg unit to double check. Will keep u all posted :) x

  • Babyj hope everything is o.k with you??? I had bleeding with my first at 6 weeks and 8 and got refferred for an early scan. Make sure you get a scan and dont let them fobe you off saying just do a pregnancy test like they did me. I had a mc in dec to and I rang the midwife and told them I was bleeding and she said do a test in a weeks time to see if it is still positive. Good luck:-)

  • that it is a miscarriage, l had the same thing happend to me. l had light bleeding and it turned heavy and blood clots l saw the sack because there was just sack with no baby. which is called blighted ovum. sorry that this is happening to you again. good luck ok x

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