Pain in Bum

hiya ladies,

So my bum hurts like hell - the pain is not really in my back but in my bum cheeks :P

And at times it makes me feel as if they stayed back on the chair/bed while rest of me got up (so its actually as sharp as part of you tearing away)

I need to ask my husband to help me get up at times, or really wait patiently before I can make a slow move in the effort of getting up. On the other hand my back feels really relaxed when inclined forward (like in a position where while sitting cross-legged you want to touch the floor with your chin)

Also, feeling little jammed in my right knee, it difficult to keep my legs hanging or sitting cross-legged (which is strange as sitting cross-legged is something which used to be the most comfortable position for me all these years)

Anyone else experiencing this in their second trimester ?

I told this to my mid-wife but she only made a noting on my file and nothing else, no advise etc.

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  • I've never experienced this in the 2nd trimester but I don't think this is something to be too worried about, I guess it's your body expanding & prepearing itself for the special delivery comming soon.

  • I hope so :)

  • is the pain in your butt cheeks? I'm just think psd have u heard of it? x

  • no I have not heard of PSD what is it ?

    and yes the pain is in my bum cheek - but only while I try to get up - so its a little momentary. Should I be worried (although I dont want to be). Also I dont seem to have any UTI as just got test for that on 19th March so bit unusual and cant really make out what it is

  • siatica? does the pain run down the back of ur leg? could be where the baby is laying at the moment, pressing on a nerve, psd is pelvic symposis disorder (wrong spelling sorry) it is where the cartilage between the pubic bone softens too much of I remember rightly, Google it...I had it mildly but can be really bad, doesn't sound like u have it, pls don't worry,bet it's just where the baby is leaning on xx

  • sorry its spd!!

  • Thanks for letting know :). I would ask my GP to diagnose coming monday if possible. I guess its the hormones, but dont want it to get worse, still have 16 weeks and few days to go ideally ;)

    And yup the baby seems to have changed position too, as after a rather quite day I can now feel her jumping around at a completely different corner !!

  • Yep, I've got exactly the same problem with my bum. It's really painful and overwhelming sometimes , as finding a comfortable position is impossible. I don't know what it is either and I'm 32 weeks now , it's really getting me anxious about labour as I don't know what to expect. Tho I have Two boys already but it's been really different this time and I'm worried .

  • I had something similar I think between 9-12 weeks. A sharp shocking pain at the top of one of my bum cheeks and it normally happened when I was walking. It has stopped now. I think it's just one of the wierd things that happens as your body makes space for your baby. If it doesn't get better you should speak to your doctor/midwife x

  • Yeah I read that too after being told about SPD by babymother - but is it not a little early - like I am only 24 weeks - fixed an appointment with the doctor tomorrow - I hope he/she would be able to put my mind at rest :)

  • When I was pregnant with my first (now 9 weeks with 2nd!) I got excruciating pains in the middle of my bum cheek! My friend is an osteopath and gave me a little massage which helped but her best advice was to sit on a hard chair with a tennis ball under your bum cheek and roll it round where it hurts by moving your body! At first it was so painful but then it eased off - essentially it was a self massage! Hope that helps!!

  • thanks for the great advise. I would try rolling on a tennis ball :D (it just sounded bit funny to me :P)

  • I thought so too when she told me but it really helped! You do look a bit silly though! Hope it helps! X

  • I have been getting that same pain in my bum cheek! It is funny the things we experience whilst pregnant! :)

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