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When would you suggest telling close family that your pregnant?

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Im wanting to tell my family that im pregnant but im in the process of looking for a job and not working with my mum and sister no more due to stress, do i tell them now i know that im around 6 weeks or do i wait, i dont know whether to wait till i have another job, or to tell them now, i dont want to cause my mum any stress but im not sure,

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I told my family straight away, I know what you mean our worried coz you don't ave. job, to be honest there is worse things in life like being a dug addict and pregnant!

Life isn't perfect in my eyes and sometimes little miracles come along and change your life plan anyway:)

She is your mum, yes she might nag but end of the day she is going to be a granny :)

Happy times

Whenever you feel ready, I told mine very early on just for the extra support and reassurance. Which I'm sure you will get from your family- you might be pleasantly suprised!! Money isn't everything nowadays when will we ever have it in the tough times we have going on at the minute! Anyway it's not as if you don't want to work there's a difference! Good luck and congratulations xxx

I intended to tell mine at 12 weeks, but did so at 10 as I couldn't resist the urge to break to news on New Years Eve!

depends on when you are ready - I told parents (and my siblings) immediately, while we waited to meet my husband's siblings on the new year to break the news (we wanted to see the reaction, and it was so beautiful) :D

My grandparents and cousins were told after week 13 (that was just because two other cousin's had their delivery planned at the same time, and we wanted them to have the full family attention before we bring in our news)

With friends it was largely on how close we are to them, so different ones got to know at different times :)

I didn't tell mine till 10 weeks and the only reason I told them then is that they wanted me to go to dinner with them but couldn't face it but it all depends on u and how u feel, I was just feeling so unbelieveablely crap I just wanted to be on my own and chill out, although my dad guessed as I lost weight as was so poorly.

Having told my parents early in 2 previous pregnancy that resulted in MC's I didn't want to tell them early this time, even after going for an early 8wk viability scan I still wanted to wait so I announced on Mothers Day having just had my 12wk scan which i had printed onto a transfer which i ironed onto a T-Shirt. I am nearly 16wks now. I think when & how you announce is personal to you and only you can decide when's best. PS...i did have to avoid my family für a period to keep my secret!! But then I was able to explain why!!) Good luck xx

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