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First appointment went well

Hi guys,

Just to update you all. Went to see midwife the other day for our first appointment. Apparently im 6 weeks gone already :) im feelig fine but a little worried. I told my midwife about the bleeding i had (brownish colour) then it stopped. She said that sometimes the vagina has to get rid of any excess blood and stuff which i was fine with. 2 days ago the bleeding started again and typical me im worrying. Now the blood is like my period (im gettin a little period like pains but not that much) im not in any pain but im worried its all gunna go wrong as this is how my miscarraige started last time, although i had very very bad pains. Im thinking to go doctors monday to make aure everythings ok. Although saying this, there isnt much blood at all, it doesnt even fill up a pad. I trying not to worry, im just hinking its a period or just blood tht needs to come out. My boyfriend is being positive and telling me not to worry bless him. I still feel pregnant which is a good sign i guess.

Fingers crossed everything is ok.

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ah I hope it is ok, glad ur feeling positive x


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