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Feeling very down and crying alot!

Sooooo its been an eventful two weeks, feeling like crap describes it politely.

I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, Anaemia and just to top it off thruh!

Not to mention back pain like no other I have ever experienced!

I'm soooo moody, I'm soooo tired actually exhausted, but something is worse is the fact that my anaemia is affecting my breathing, I sound like I have run a marathon!

I had to pick up my iron tablets today and a midwife I had never seen before came over to me and said she was worried about me and sent me to the mau! God do I look that bad, she said I looked swollen!

So walked up to the mau, and they put it down to the anaemia, but added if my breathing gets worse go to a& e as for an ECG ect, with that the flood gates opened.

I went home and slept for two hours!

So yep fed up! Please let this get better soon, I want to be in a better place to give birth:)

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Oh Hunni I feel for you. Anaemia is rotten keep up iron tablets high fibre diet with lots of green veg to top it up and I'm sure you,ll start to feel Normal after two days of iron tablets.

I wishing you a speedy recovery as pregnancy is a very emotional roller coaster I know how u feel have a cry and let it out. We. Are all here for you :-). Take it easy rest sleep when you can and when u get your energy back make sure you use it up to ensure a good sleep. :-)



Oh bless I'm not surprised you feel like crying, sounds like you have had a right week of it! Your not still working are you? Def need some time off to look after yourself and keep bubby safe and well, hope it gets better for you quickly, plenty of spinach, greens, red meat, o.j and tlc....x


Thankyou currently having a pj day in my duvet :)


sleep, iron tablets, lots of water, juices, fruits (as many as you can) spinach, beans, and cuddles - I hope that would make you better soon. Take care



My dear be strong all will be well. I also have a lot hb. I was suppose to have my suture done yesterday been cancelled twice after fasting for 18 hours. Am now on standby for tomorrow. I just believe that it wiill be alright. Pregnancy is difficult time for some of us. Get well soon :)


hope you get better soon Skyblueboston. i know how you feel. if its not one thing its another. and once your told you have something its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel with all the emotions we have to go through. but beliieve me there is one eventually. just rest up and take it easy. xx


Hi Skyblueboston

I hope you feel better soon. I enjoy reading your blogs, you seem to know alot. Keep positive and probably best that you are resting and taking it easy, Best wishes. Matildarose


:) thanks Hun x


Hi Skyblueboston,

That's a lot to cope with - you poor thing. It sounds like you should go very easy on yourself and have lots of rest. Try to focus on the positives - from what I can gather from your previous posts, all is well with your little boy, and you don't have too long to go now!

I can't help with the diabetes or the anaemia, but with thrush I found that canesten cream, coupled with loose fitting clothes and using fragrance-free and chemical-free shower gel (e.g. Sanex) cleared it up very quickly. All the best to you xx


Thanks ladies you are all very sweet xxx


Oh Hun , if you really are that swollen then I'm glad that they're keeping an eye on it, I don't recognise myself in the mirror these days, my neck seems to have disappeared, and I haven't felt attractive for some time now, I'm also on iron tablets although borderline anaemic. But nobody has really bothered about the swelling until after my diabetes blood test. I'm hoping for a c section or induction in the beginning of April.remember you may feel absolutely poo atm but its all worth it, just rest up if you can, pamper yourself a bit, you deserve it xx :)


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