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private scan

hello,ive booked a private scan for next weekend to find out babys sex :) I will be 16 weeks 6 days.

when I will be due my 19/20 week scan at hospital I will be on holiday, & I really want to know sex so booked private scan, just wondering if any1 has had a private gender scan and if so what happens at it? I know obviously they tell you sex but do you get pictures and wil they tell you size&that ? thanks :)

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Think you pay extra for pictures and stuff, why don't you rebook your nhs scan as it can be done anything up till about 22/23 weeks x


I'm sorry I haven't had a private gender scan but I have had three private scans. At each scan the sonographer let us watch our babies have a jump around on the screen, she measured and dated both babies and gave us about three pictures of each baby so worst case scenario you should have around three pictures. Ask them if they can check your baby eg heart rate etc most will. But I agree with MrsTurner rearrange your scan with the nhs just so they can check for any abnormalities. Good luck xxxx


I think like others that the 20 week scan is really important as they check the entire growth of the baby, including the brain measurements, spine etc and getting to know the gender of the baby is just a small part of it. So probably also re-book yourself for the 20 week anomaly scan or get it done private between 20 and 24 weeks either way you prefer. Good luck !


thanks all for the replys :)

I have got another scan all ready booked with nhs, for when I come back from holidays, I am un patient & knowing you can find sex out after 16 weeks I decided to book private one,

that's great im hoping to get some pictures, and see baby jumping around,its so exciting I cant wait :D



I too had a great private scan experience, but had this at 29 weeks as I'm a bit of a worrier! It was a very similar experience to the 20wk anomoly scan, checked heartbeat, organ development, took measurements for growth and confirmed rhe sex for us (as much as they can tell you early on I don't think they can ever be certain). We also got 5 pics and a dvd, all for £85, definitely recommended (any body looking in the midlands it was a company called nuchal scan in leamington spa)

Good luck with finding out whether bump is pink our blue, it really is an incredible experience! Cx


I had my private gender scan at 16+4 :). It was amazing... They let me have a look at him in 3D I got a few pictures in 3D but not many as the placenta was in the way but they did his measurments and well being and obviously gender. But that was in truro, cornwall.. I went back at 26+4 to have a 4D scan which they did all the same stuff and also worked out his weight which was 2lb 5oz :) going back for a well being scan next saturday coz I'm interested to see how much he weighs


I had a private gender scan at 22 weeks as they couldn't tell us at our 20 week scan. We got to see our baby in 4D and were given lots of images and some in 4D colour :) our clinic checked the baby again and went through all his arts and parts again :) best money we have spent, such a great experience :) I would recommend having your 20 week scan at your hospital also. Take care xx


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